Neobux Review (Get Paid to Click): My Experience with PTC Sites

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As I received many questions regarding making money with Neobux (one of the top PTC sites), so I decided to write this quick Neobux review that shared about my experience with them and my thought about this company.


Disclaimer: This post is solely my personal opinion based on my own experience. Also, you won’t find any Neobux referral link here because I’m no longer with them and I don’t recommend them.


I quitted Neobux (and all the PTC sites) because I don’t think it is worth for my time and I found my best way to make money online doing what I’m passionate about, which is blogging and affiliate marketing (you can learn more about affiliate marketing here – free to join).

As per my research and survey, Neobux still paying their members instantly until today, so is Neobux scam or legit? My answer is legit.


Here’s my story:

I stumble upon Neobux and PTC websites on 2011 when I was looking for ways to make extra money online.

I joined as a standard member like most people and start to click all those ads every single day. I wasn’t really serious until I made my first withdrawal after 2 months of joining as a standard member.

I was getting excited and log in every single day without missed and clicked all the available ads.

After 3 months, I decided to upgrade my membership to Golden to earn more from my own clicks and rented referrals (it’s a must if you want to earn more), as the max I earned from standard membership is about $1 a month as an active user.

Then, I started making about $15-$30 a month from my own clicks and rented referrals (after membership and rented referral fees). It’s not much but I think is okay considered I only spent about 10 to 20 minutes each day.

Neobux_Payza image

Neobux_receipts image

My Neobux strategy is simple, I always bought rented referrals based on multiple of 250 to maximize my earning per rented referrals due to the price per referrals increased with the total number of rented referrals.

Neobux referral rate

Also, I always renew my rented referrals with 240 days period for the 30% discount and recycle them if found inactive for about 2 weeks.

Neobux renewal rate

Sometimes, I do feel like the rented referrals are bots due to the pattern of their click activities, but I just don’t have the proof anyway.

After all, the tasks are simple, you just have to view the ads and check rented referrals 1-2 times a week. If you want to earn more, you may do some mini jobs. In fact, most of the time I just clicked those ads and do my other stuff (I don’t even view).

Just for your information, that time I also joined 5 other PTC sites to make more money.

But later on..

I found that my earning in Neobux is dropping due to 2 reasons:

First is the decline of rented referrals clicks (dropped to average 0.7 and below) and the second reason is I’m getting boring to log in every single day and click the minimum 9 ads, so I lost a lot of referrals’ clicks (refer below).


As per TOS 3.7, you must click at least 4 ads being a Standard / Pioneer member or at least 9 ads being a Golden member to receive all clicks made from your referrals. If you click below that, the maximum you will receive is only the amount of clicks you’ve made multiplied by the number of referrals you have.

That means, if you forgot to log in and clicks for 2 days, you’ll earn nothing from all your referrals’ clicks for that 2 days since your click is 0.

Not only that, if you want to take a long rest, your account will be temporarily suspended after 30 days of inactivity and permanently suspended after 60 days (TOS 8.4).

Finally, I don’t think my commitments (time and money) to Neobux is worth compared to the money I made, so I decided to quit Neobux and all the other PTC sites completely.

Until today, I’m happy and never regret my decision. I enjoy what I’m doing now, the business is fun, fulfilling, future is bright, earning potential is huge, and I can take a rest whenever I like.


What is Neobux

Neobux is a get paid to click website (PTC) that pay registered members when they clicked the ads sponsored by advertisers on their site. You also get paid for completing some mini job offers or games.

The site was operated since 2008 and stay paying until today Feb 2018.


How to Make Money with Neobux

Once registered, you can start making money by viewing sponsored advertisements.

Neobux_Ads image

Here’s the rate for your clicks and referral’s clicks:

Neobux_rate_commission_large image

*Extended exposure advertisement is rarely available.

Rented referrals are those registered members without a sponsor, and you can rent them for 30 days and extend the period if you want to.

The minimum withdrawal is $2.00 on the first cashout and increases by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00.

You may withdraw instantly to your Paypal and Payza.

Note: Don’t break the rules like creating multiple accounts or else you’ll get banned and lose all your hard earned money!

There are a limited amount of ads per day, and the max you can earn from your own clicks is about 2 to 3 cents only excluded mini-jobs.

If you want to make more money, you’ll need to upgrade your membership and leveraged on referrals’ clicks.

But the problem is..

If your referrals can only earn so little from the site, they’ll eventually become inactive and leave the site.

Therefore, I don’t really recommend Neobux and all the PTC sites for people who want to make significant money online.


Neobux’s Pros and Cons

Since this is a Neobux review, I’ve summarized some of the points for you regarding the site.

The Good about Neobux:

  • Stable and legit (as of now) – Operated since March 2008 and still paying after 9 years.
  • Fast payment – Pay instantly to your e-wallet.
  • Low minimum withdrawal – Start from minimum $2 and fixed at $10 after 8 times withdrawals.
  • Online jobs without investment – You can join for free and start earning without any upfront capital.
  • Good supplies of ads & mini jobs – You are guaranteed to earn money every day.

The Bad about Neobux:

  • Low earning (this applied to most PTC sites) – It’s hard to make a significant income.
  • Referral TOS – You’ve to click at least 4 ads or 9 ads (Golden member) each day to earn from all your referrals’ clicks.
  • Limit on referrals – There’s a limit for both direct and rented referrals you can have.
  • Rented referrals are questionable – They could be bots.
  • The future is unpromising – I don’t see any solid potential from this business model and most of the PTC sites turned into scams even after few successful years.
  • Amount of active referrals – It’s difficult to keep your referrals active due to low earning, most will quit within 2 weeks.
  • The upgrade is somehow expensive – $90/year for Golden membership could be expensive for starters, and the Ultimate membership price is $890/year.
  • Strict forum rules – You can’t openly discuss some sensitive issues.
  • Account suspension condition – Your account will be temporarily suspended after 30 days of inactivity and permanently suspended after 60 days.


Is Neobux Scam or legit?

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, they are still paying instantly and require no joining fees.. I’ll say it is a legit get paid to click site but with low earning potential and unpromising future.


Neobux Complaints

Here are some of the complaints I surveyed from existing and past members of Neobux:

  1.    Low average clicks from rented referrals (less than 1).
  2.    Bad support from Neobux representatives (rude, slow, and not helpful).
  3.    Account deleted for tablet and mobile users after minimum amount reached.
  4.    Account banned right after they expressed their thoughts in Neobux’s forum.
  5.    Account suspended due to TOS violation (multiple accounts) when requested for withdrawal.

Note: These complaints could be due to the member’s fault and not the company, use these as your reference and do your own judgment.



Neobux is legit and still a way to make some extra money online, but the amount is not significant to make a living for most people.

You might be able to make $1k+ from Neobux, but you probably have to fork out $890 per year for the Ultimate membership and clicks every single day.

But clearly, it’s not for everyone, like me.

So if you are looking to replace your 9-5 job in the near future, that 10-20 minutes of time each day might as well focus on something else that is more rewarding.

Personally, I’ll highly recommend you to go for blogging business and learn about affiliate marketing (free to join) for long-term stable income.

I hope this Neobux review can clarify some questions in your mind and help you make the decision.


Do you have experience with Neobux?

Or, what do you think about this PTC site?

Either way, let me know in the comment below.


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6 Responses to “Neobux Review (Get Paid to Click): My Experience with PTC Sites

  • I was in the same boat about 5 years ago, I joined Neobux, Clixsense, Incrasebux, Dreambux, Primbux, and many more… made a little bit of money but I don’t think the time spent is really worth it, unless you want to go big with higher tier of membership.

  • For me PTC sites is the easiest way to make money online, since you only need to sign up and clicks those ads, I do it during my spare time when I was a student.

    • That’s what I did when I first discovered PTC sites, it’s easy and simple to get started, just the reward is too low for most people.

  • Most PTC sites will fall into scam after months or years, not worth to try.

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