300 Ways To Increase Website Traffic (Free & Paid): Strategy Guide

how to increase website traffic (free & paid) strategy guide

How to increase website traffic” – Is this what you’re thinking?

Do you agree if I say:

[bctt tweet=”“Website traffic is the lifeblood of any online businesses.”” username=”tcmasterydotcom”]

No matter you are a blogger or website owner, you need to know how to drive traffic to website – to grow your business and make it sustainable.

But do you know that the traffic generation plan should start right in the very beginning?


You paid for a traffic (either with your time or money)…

There’re some visitors came to your site, and left…

You got nothing (or very little value) from your effort…


Because your website is not optimized for the incoming web traffic…

…and there is something need to be done before you start driving traffic to your website.

After all…

Increase website traffic is not just about dropping a link or ads.

It’s a strategy.

I don’t want to (blindly) show you tons of ways to drive traffic, but instead – I want you to learn about the right strategy and mindset to increase your website traffic.

So in this post, I’m going to show the important steps to be done to maximize your website traffic.

Then, I’ll show you how to increase website traffic for free (and paid).

Lastly, I’ll give you some ideas to maintain and scale up your website traffic.

But 300 ways… how do I finish it..!?

You don’t have to, I make this giant list so that you don’t have to go through different sites to look for ideas to get traffic to your website – this ultimate list is all you need.

Also, as different people will have their own preferences when come to driving traffic, and I want to take care most of you (if not all).

Here’s the deal:

This is a very long list (I know) – I spent nearly a month to put this up…

…and you don’t have to read the whole thing (of course if you want, by all mean).

Thus, I prepared a directory for you, and also the action plan at the end of this post.

This ultimate guide is not just about how to drive traffic to website, but how to increase website traffic strategically – it’s more than simply go out and bring in some traffic.

After this, you’ll never ever worry about traffic anymore, because it will become one of the easiest things for you.

You’ll shift from:

“How do I get more traffic to my website?”


“I know how to increase my website traffic now!”

How to use this directory

  1. Make sure you read the preparation stage first.
  2. Then, navigate to the free & paid traffic section with your preference.
  3. Finally, go through the maintenance stage (important).

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Let’s start your traffic generation journey now!

Disclosure: Some of the links are referral links, for which we’ll receive a small compensation if you buy from the link, at no additional cost to you. These are all products that I’ve verified/personal tested and highly recommended.

[Preparation Stage] To Maximize Your Website Traffic

Preparation to increase website traffic

What’s your website monthly traffic?

No idea?

So if you don’t monitor and check your website traffic, how do you know if your website traffic increase or decrease?

If you yet to install Google Analytics code to your website (or blog), do it now!

Follow the simple instructions here to setup your tracking.


Normally, when coming to traffic generation, most people will first think about where to drive traffic.

Got some traffic – but nothing happens – and they just wasted their time (or money).

There are something you should do before you start driving traffic to your website…

…to make the later traffic generation session more efficient.

In this stage, you are warming up, just like before you exercise, you’ve to warm up your body first to be more efficient (and avoid hurt) during the exercise.

Same in driving web traffic, if you skipped the preparation – you will end up less-efficient in your whole traffic generation efforts.

A more effective strategy is:

Develop a traffic magnet first, then only drive traffic to your website – to maximize the web traffic to your site.

Web Traffic Magnet: Let’s Brainstorm Some Powerful Ideas!

Web Traffic Magnet image

No matter what kind of website or business you are running, if you yet to have a blog to deliver contents, you should seriously consider it.

Content strategy is a proven and effective method to increase your website traffic and brand awareness  – no matter you’re in B2B or B2C business in any niches.

1. Be Strategic In Selecting Your Content Topic

To increase website traffic, you need to be strategic with your topic selection.

In another word, you have to create great content that people want or need…

…and the quality of the content alone is not enough.


Imagine you spent hours of hard work and created a high-quality piece of content…

…but at the end, you found out that your audiences are not interested in that topic at all.

Is your content quality? Yes.

Is your content meet your audience’s need or liking? No.

Will you get a lot of visitors to your website to read your content? No.

That’s the reason why your marketing efforts should start right in the beginning, not after.

Here’re some topic selection tips:

  • Think about your audiences and what kind of content they love
  • Use Quora to check what kind of questions are being asked in your industry
  • Use forums and social networks to check what topics are being discussed

To get more traffic to your website, you’ve to write content that captures the attention of the majority in your niche.

2. Craft Your Traffic-Driven Headline

It’s all started with a headline…

No doubts, your headline is one of the big contributors for your website traffic.

Most of the time, your headline is the first thing people see before your content…

…and that’s what people use to gauge if they will click into your content or skip it.

Spend some time to craft your irresistible title that people can’t resist to click.

Make sure your title is less than 65 characters to ensure it looks good in search engines result pages and social networks.

Here’re some headline ideas:

  • Use curiosity-driven headline
  • Give a big promise in your headline (and make sure you deliver in your content)
  • Leave a big unanswered question mark in their mind
  • Use numbers
  • Use trigger words (Free, Effortless, Strange, Secrets, Why, What, When, How)

Free tools to give you more ideas (for reference):

You’ll have to split test different headlines to find the best converting one.

Refer here for more ways to craft your headlines.

3. Write Evergreen Content For Consistent Traffic To Your Website

In a nutshell, evergreen content is a kind of content that live long and stay relevant regardless of time.

For example:

[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

An article about this year’s nomination for best actor award will become not relevant after months.

While a collection of quotes from the famous people in history can last for decades.[/su_note]

The good thing about evergreen content is its long shelf life (if not forever), which allows you to promote it over a long period of time to drive consistent traffic to your website.

4. Write Viral Content To Boost Traffic Momentum

A viral content on social networks will create a surge of traffic to your website through high numbers of social shares.

It’s a great way to bring more exposure to your website or brand.

Here’re some of the ways to brainstorm your killer ideas for viral content:

  1. Understand what kind of content your audiences love
  2. Check out what kind of contents your audiences like to share
  3. Think about what kind of content people are likely to share to their networks
  4. Write something that people are willing to share to their friend.

5. Create Infographic For More Shares

The idea is simple – People love to share the visually appealing infographic.

So, consider create one for your great post and let the world know about it!

To create an infographic, here’re some tools you can use:

Make sure your infographic has a link back to your website.

You can generate an embed code with Embed Code Generator to encourage readers to share on social networks and their website.

6. Write Your Research Finding

People love research finding and facts, and they’re happy to share it out if it’s a great one.

If you have the time and research tools, do a research on a topic that people are interested in and post your finding.

7. Create A Mega Resources

Are you using any tools for your business or blog?

Are you using any resources when writing content?

Yes right?

And most people are the same like you, they need tools and resources – All the time!

If you can find and put together a mega resources list, people will bookmark it and recommend others to check it out.

Best part? You may score some quality backlinks from other websites.

8. Review Products And Companies

When I want to make a purchase, I always turn to Google to research further and looking for reviews.

I believe many consumers are like me – research before they make a decision.


If you write a quality, honest, and unbiased review of a product or company, people will come to your website and read your content.

Also, if the review is positive, you can get the company or owner to share your content to their audiences by letting them know.

Besides, posting product review can draw a large transactional-intent traffic to your website.

9. Write A Controversial Post

Writing controversial post is one of the ways in getting your content shared virally and generate tons of traffic and exposure.

It’s a kind of post that offering an unusual opinion on a subject which against the common false beliefs.

For targeted traffic, write an industry related controversial post.

10. Write Something Most People Are Interested

By doing this, you can guarantee your content will be read by most people in your industry.

For instance,

If you’re in SEO niches, write something about Google’s news or slaps will certainly raise the interest of your audience.

11. Write About Others’ Popular Article

If you write something about a popular post from other websites or bloggers…

…the people that enjoy the article will most likely check out yours.

For example:

[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If one blogger named Dave, wrote a popular post about 10 strange ways to increase website traffic…

…you may write a post with title “what I think about Dave’s 10 strange ways to increase website traffic”, and give your unique opinion on each point.[/su_note]

12. Write A Top-Industry Post

Collect and publish a top list of tools, resources, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and etc. in your niche.

For instance:

  • Top 10 tools for internet marketers
  • Top 20 sources to increase website traffic
  • Top 30 bloggers in SEO niche

Then, ping them in social media or send them an email to let them (and ask for share).

13. Compile A Vlog From Youtube

Collect and compile a list of useful videos for specific topic from Youtube. Then, post to your blog as a Vlog.

People like video content… If you can do them a favor by putting all the useful and related videos together in one place, they’ll certainly come to your blog rather than finding each of those on Youtube.

14. Write A Roundup Article

Collect and compile a list of quotes or insights from the experts in your industry…

..And write a roundup article featuring all of them with a link back to their website.

Once published, outreach to them and let them know they are featured.

15. Interview Influencers In Your Industry

By interviewing the influencers in your industry, either in podcast or blog post, you can leverage their credibility to boost your website traffic.

Besides, you can tap into their audiences as they shared the interview with their readers.

As a bonus, those interviews will have a chance to rank in Google for the influencers name, which provides you free organic traffic.

Most importantly, you established a relationship and connection with the influencers in your industry.

16. Publish A Group Interview

Instead of interview one person at a time, go for a group interview and feature all of them in one post.

For instance:

Write an expert roundup which you interview a group of experts in your industry for their opinions on a topic, and compile their answers in your blog.

When they are personally contributing to the post, they are more likely to share the final product.

The beauty of this strategy is getting a group of market leaders to promote your content. – They are being featured as “expert”, wouldn’t they share with their readers? It’s a win-win outcome.

When done right, group interview post can be very powerful in generate website traffic. – like this one.

17. Interview Party With Opposing View

People are naturally attracted to opposing views and opinions.

For instance,

When you want to buy or use a product, you always want to check out the negative reviews… Because it gives you another side of ideas and information on the product.

If you found that there are a group of people against a topic, interview them and publish the outcome.

This will attract both parties and neutral one to check out your post.

18. Write Trending And Newsworthy Content

You can take advantage of the “hot” topic to get more traffic to your website by writing a great article on the trending topic.

To maximize the traffic, you have to be fast and strike while the iron is hot.

Also, it’s less competitive in the beginning.

Here’re two tools for you to monitor trending topic in your industry:

If you like this approach, keep monitors for new trend… And maybe you’re the first who write about it.. Who know..?

You could also follow the large publications for the latest buzz.

Research For Predictable Website Traffic

research for predictable website traffic

Most bloggers and marketers just publish a content and hope for traffic to come or wish their content go viral.

Big mistake.

Smart bloggers and marketers will do their homework before they start writing (or while writing).

Of course, you don’t need to do this every time… Sometimes you may just want to write something for your readers, so no research is needed.

But when you’re on a project or plan to drive massive traffic to your website…

…You need to do your research.

19. Reverse Engineer Successful Campaigns

Reverse engineering is the reproduction of another people’s campaign following detailed examination of its construction or composition.

In short, analyze and model what’s being done successfully.

Here’re the steps:

1. Collect the posts that are getting a lot of likes, shares, and comments.

You can use a tool like buzzsumo to find the most shared content in your industry.

19.buzzsumo example image


Use this as reference only, it’s not absolute.

For better accuracy, take into account the author, if it’s from an influencer, you may want to put a remark and double check.


For instance, I found that an “Ok” post from influencer can easily get thousands of shares, while an “Excellent” post by small blogger struggled to cross over thousand shares.

This is a reality.

2. Analyze their components.

  • Find out what kind of title tends to get more shares and likes.
  • How does the content look like? – List post? Ultimate guide?
  • What’s their angle of attack? – Curiosity? Ego?
  • Any images used? – If yes, what kind of images?
  • What kind of audiences are they targeting? – Moms? Youngster?

3. List down the criteria for a campaign to go viral.

From your analysis and understanding, write down the common patterns you found in your research.

4. Create and launch your own campaign.

Includes those viral-triggered elements into your campaign and see how it goes.

20. Target The Right Audience For Free Traffic

[bctt tweet=”“Not everyone is your audience”” username=”tcmasterydotcom”]

I believe you heard this statement before, and it’s very true in the marketing world.

When you published a content:

Some will read and go, some will drop you a comment, and some will become your PR and share your content to their connections.

You want to write contents for those PRs.

Find out who likely to share your content, and what kind of content they share. Then, write your content strategically to increase the chances to reach more audiences.

21. Understanding Your Audience Personas

Let me ask you:

Do you know who is reading your content?

If you have a product, do you know who is using it?

If you don’t know… how can you strategize your content and message to get more users like those?

“To get more targeted traffic to your website, you have to understand your audience personas.”

If you need some data about your website visitors, use Alexa.

21.alexa image

22. Figure Out Your Optimal Audience And Their Struggle

If you can figure out your audience’s struggle and address it in your content, you’ll certainly get a bunch of loyal followers.

As discussed above, you may send them a simple survey, asking what is their main struggle together with some basic data like gender, age, marital status, and etc.

From the replies, compile all the important data into a spreadsheet and groups the similar struggle accordingly.

The data will give you an idea to come out with the optimal audience…

…While the list of struggles will help you in planning out the content to address their problems specifically.

23. Research Keywords Before (or While) Writing Your Content

If you want to get more organic traffic to your website:

Do your keyword research…

…and focus on low competition keywords for easier ranking.

You can use Google’s keyword planner to generate a list of keyword ideas together with their estimated monthly searches.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If your target keyword is “content writing”, type it in the box and click “Get ideas” to generate a list of keywords with average monthly searches.

23. Google adword 2

Note: The “Competition” column is for AdWords advertisers, it’s NOT keyword difficulty to rank on organic search results (SEO).

You can also use your competitor URL.

23. Google adword 3

Fresh ideas! 😉

23. Google adword 4

Here’s another great way:

Step 1. Key in your target keyword in the Pinterest search.

23. Google adword 5

Step 2. Copy the URL and paste it in the Google’s keyword planner URL box.

Step 3. More keyword ideas for you!


To check the probability to rank for a specific keyword (organically), use keyword difficulty checkers like Semrush or KW Finder.

24. Prioritize Long Tail Keywords

We all know that it takes a lot of SEO work to rank for a highly competitive short tail keyword…

…So how to increase website traffic without too much SEO efforts? – Long tail keywords are the answer.

Long tail traffic is more targeted organic traffic to your website – You have no reason not to grab it.

It’s naturally lower competition and higher in traffic quality.

Use keyword tools like LongTail Pro and Ubersuggest to generate a list of long tail keyword variations.

Or utilize Google’s auto suggest function.

25. Focus On Unmonetized Keywords

Your target keyword is highly competitive?

Why not focus on those unmonetized, but high-searches keywords.

It’s much easier to rank and able to drive more organic traffic to your website.

Even if these keywords attract non-commercial intent visitors…

…you can always use effective lead conversion strategies to convert them into your subscribers and sales.

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free? SEO!

use SEO to increase website traffic

Do you want free organic traffic from Google? – If yes, then you have to do some SEO work.

SEO makes your website rank higher on Google’s search result pages – so when a user searches for your topic, your website comes up…

SEO_website on 1st page of Google image

…Which eventually increase your website traffic through SEO – without spending a dime.

26. Optimize Your Post For One Target Keyword

Already found your main keyword in the earlier keyword research?

If yes, let’s drop it strategically in the beginning of the post, subheadlines, body, and end of the post.

Put in your target keyword only when making sense, it has to appear naturally in front of users.

Note: Don’t overuse it to avoid being flagged as keyword-stuffing by Google.

27. Optimize Your Content For SEO

To make your post rank higher in Google, your content has to be great and highly relevant to the searcher’s query.

And to show Google that your content is closely relevant, you’ve to optimize it for relevant keywords.

Use Google’s “Searches related to” function to find some close related keywords (LSI) and sprinkle them naturally in your content to boost relevancy.

27.how to find LSI keywords with Google image

28. Optimize Meta Title & Description For CTR

Meta title and description are what shown in search engines to tell users what the page is about.

Your post’s meta title and description not only important for SEO but also play a vital role in getting high click-through-rate from search engines.

Make sure to include your target keyword in both meta title and description, and they have to be congruent with your content.

Also, use a call-to-action in your meta description to increase website traffic through higher CTR.

29. Use SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Use a short (2-5 words) and meaningful URL slug for your post.

And include your target keyword in your URL for SEO purpose.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

Good: https://tcmastery.com/how-to-increase-website-traffic

Bad: https://tcmastery.com/traffic/300-ways-to-increase-website-traffic-free-paid-strategy

Worse: https://tcmastery.com/p=23[/su_note]

30. Use Visual Content To Improve SEO & Website Traffic

In term of SEO, visual-rich contents tend to have longer visitors time on site and receive more backlinks. – Important factors for search ranking.

In term of website traffic, content with multimedia get more shares and views than those without.

The reason is simple because most people are visual creatures.

To make your content multimedia rich, do these:

  • Use engaging images
  • Use screenshots
  • Use your brand cartoons or arts (if have)
  • Use graphs, charts, and diagrams for data
  • Use video

Also, you don’t need to be a graphic expert to create your own multimedia, just use a tool like Canva, which comes with many templates for you to get started.

31. Use Outbound Link For SEO

Use outbound links to relevant sources to makes Google understand your content better.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If your article links to sources like:

  • Tools to increase website traffic
  • Best advertising platform to drive traffic to your website
  • How to check your website traffic

You are telling Google that your content is about website traffic.[/su_note]

Besides, links to authoritative sources also boost your content’s credibility by referencing trustworthy sources.

Want to get more from your outbound links?

Ask the site if you can link out to them – to build a relationship and increase the probability for them to share when published.

32. Use Internal Links To Maximize Website Traffic

When you got visitors to your website, don’t waste! – Maximizes it by getting them to your other posts by referencing your own posts.

Your website internal linking structure will contribute to your content’s ranking and interlinks your contents also make visitors stay longer on your website – a good signal to Google.

So, make it a practice to regularly links to your relevant contents on your website for both SEO and user experience – which increase traffic to your website.

Again, don’t overdo it – only include relevant links that help your website visitors.

33. Write Longer Quality Content

Produce tons of mediocre posts no longer works now..

Instead, you should focus on longer quality contents, as they tend to attract more social shares, comments, and rank better in search results.

Longer content also provides opportunities to rank for more long tail keywords due to its long-form nature.

34. Use Alt Tag For Your Images

Optimize your images by giving them a relevant and meaningful name with an alt tag, and includes your keywords if appropriate – So that Google can understand your images and rank your content better.

By naming your images, they will have a chance to be found on Google Images, which could send people to your website.

If you have many images, doing this little work will give you a lot more opportunities to be found on search engines – so why not?

35. Use Eye-Grabbing Subheadings

Use subheadings to separate out your content to improve readability and user experience.

Make sure they are meaningful so that those scanners can still understand your content by scanning through your subheadings.

For SEO purpose, sprinkle some LSI keywords into your subheadings and apply h2 or h3 tags on it.

Also, use bullet points and listings to illustrate your points to make it clear and simple.

Even though SEO takes some time to kick-in, but you should never neglect it – As 93% of online experience starts with search…

…It’s beneficial for you to know more about how to improve SEO ranking on Google to receive those free organic website traffic.

But the rule of thumb is… “Always prioritize user experience before Search Engines.”

Make Your Content More Shareable To Users

make your content shareable image

Sometimes, you have to do something on your content to trigger the sharing button from visitors, and here’re few ways you can implement in your content.

36. References To Sports Or Celebrities In Your Post

There are a lot of fans of sports and celebrities around the world, including your readers (and future readers).

By appropriately referencing sports or celebrities in your content (or even title), you can expect a portion of traffic from fans to your website.

And if they like your content – you could get those fans as your subscribers.

37. Use Outrageous Images In Your Content

Sometimes, the internet can be a boring place due to lots of plain articles.

Imagines if a bored visitor comes to your website and found entertaining with your outrageous images and content… he may fall in love with you. 🙂

Try to write a fun and entertaining post to see how it goes!

38. Use Quote To Increase Social Shares

Includes a short message that summarizes the main idea of your content in your post to encourage sharing.

Because it’s short, concise and meaningful, people are more likely to share on social networks – leading to more traffic to your website.

39. Mention Little Known Yet Useful Resources

Most of the time, your website is not the first place your visitors visit.

Thus, if you can mention some very useful (but little known) resources in your post, you will impress your readers by letting them know about these gems…

…Compared to referring the same common sources again and again.

Let’s Get Ready For Social Media Presence

social media presence

Building your social media presence is a viable strategy to build your brand and business in long run.

Once you’ve built a successful social media presence, driving traffic to your website become much simpler due to a large amount of followers.

40. Start With Facebook Page

Facebook is the most well-known social network in the world, how can you miss it?

Aside from your personal Facebook account, create a brand Facebook page to start growing your social media followers.

To get started, go here to create your Facebook page.

Next, fill up your page profile details and include a link to your website.

Then, get your friends to promote and likes your page.

Your Facebook page will also rank for your brand term, which makes people find you easily.

41. Twitter Is Next

Create a personal or brand Twitter account. Then, spend some time to fill up your profile with great description and CTA.

Don’t forget to include your website details and URL in your Twitter profile.

Once complete, you may start following the people in your niches, sometimes they will follow you back – and you just get a follower for free.

42. Let’s Be An Instagrammer

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram allows you to gain followers and add your website URL in the profile description.

So, create one and link to your website now (if haven’t).

Then, upload some nice photos and start following people in your niche.

43. Create Your Pinterest Profile

Create a Pinterest account and add your website link from the profile.

Depending on your niche, Pinterest can be much better than other social networks in getting a flood of traffic to your website.

44. Create Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network.

If you have a company or running your solo business, make sure you have a Linkedin profile with a link to your website in the description.

Also, add your experience to make your profile more legitimate as a business entity.

45. Don’t Forget Your Google+ Profile

I think you already have a Google+ profile, but most likely you didn’t update it. – If I guessed it correctly, go ahead and update your profile and add a link to your website.

Having different social network profiles will give you more social media presence and allows you to get traffic from different channels – which eventually boost up your website traffic.

46. Create Your GitHub Profile

Are you a developer or GitHub users? If yes, you may include a website link on your Github’s profile page to drive people to your site.

To get more people to check out your profile, help the communities to identify bugs and contributes to public repositories.

47. Join Niche Social Networks

Aside from those big social networks, there are also many smaller niche social networks which you can join for more social exposure.

Some of these niche social community are even more targeted than the big one.

Here’s some of them:

  • Last.fm – Social community for music lover
  • ActiveRain – Real estate community
  • Cardomain – Social network in automotive niche
  • 43Things – Community for goal, inspiration, advice, and support
  • Gaia Online – Social community for games, comics, anime

Need more?

Just search Google for “your niche”+ “social networks”.

48. Update Your Skype Account Status

If you are a Skype user, include a link to your website in your Skype status.

So when you logged in to Skype, others will see your status and check out your website.

49. Load Your Social Account With Welcome Message

Write some messages with a link to your website on all the social networks – So when people followed your page or account, they have something to check out.

This will helps increase your website traffic while gaining social networks follower.

Social shares = Free Website Traffic (Delicious!)

social share image

By simply allows your visitors to share your content on social networks, you will in turn – get a lot of free traffic to your website.

It’s one of the easiest way to drive traffic to your website for free (with quality content).

50. Install Social Sharing Buttons To Make Sharing Easy

Add social sharing buttons on your website or blog to encourage readers to share your content.

For best result, use a floating social bar (like the one you see on the left).

Don’t underestimate the power of social sharing buttons, it will bring significant amounts of exposure and traffic to your website through social shares – Install it as early as possible.

To install, just login to your WordPress back office and search for “social sharing” under “Plugin”, there are plenty of them.

50.social plugins

51. Encourage Your Readers To Take Action

If you want your readers to take certain action (like shares) – don’t wish, ask for it!

Include a short message in the body (or ending) of your content – asking them to like, share and tweet your post.

Doing this will certainly increase your total likes, shares, and tweets – more free traffic to your website.

52. Use Fewer Share Buttons

Too many social sharing buttons will put your readers on dilemma – and lead to less shares…

…Because giving people too many choices will make them do not make any at the end.

Besides, a bunch of social sharing buttons also make your website looks ugly and unprofessional.

52.social share image

So… Use fewer share buttons (2-5) on your website to get more social shares.

You may start with 5 or 6, then eliminate the ones with fewer share counts after a while.

53. Install WhatsApp Share Button On Your Website

This is something that you might want to experience yourself.

Depending on your content, some people may just want to share it to a specific person or group on WhatsApp – and your WhatsApp button will ease their job.

And there are more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp – If you have audiences from countries with high Whatsapp active users

53. Whatapps statistic image

…consider adding one and encourage them to share on Whatsapp.

54. Make Your Content Tweetable With Click-To-Tweet

Include some “click-to-tweet” statement in your content to encourage more shares on Twitter in one click.

It’s a short message you highlight on your content that designed to be shared on Twitter for more website traffic.

You may use Click to Tweet to highlight your key points in your article.

Like this:

Tweet: Want to know how to increase your website traffic? These 300 ways will show you how!

If you are using WordPress (and you want a beautiful click-to-tweet-box), use one of these:

55. Add A Highlighter

Similar to tweetable, Highlighter is another powerful tool that allows users to highlight any part of your content…

…and share it on Twitter or Facebook with just one click – so they can share whatever resonate with them (and refer traffic to your site).

56. Create A Pinnable Images

Add a one click share button (for Pinterest) on your images to make it pinnable – another great way to generate website traffic with images.

You can set this up easily with Image Sharer or Social Warfare plugin.

57. Optimize Social Sharing For Mobile Traffic

With the rise of mobile users, make sure you install mobile-friendly social sharing buttons to make it easy for your mobile users to share your content.

Whenever you installed social sharing buttons, test it on your mobile phone to ensure its functions properly.

58. Use Social Locker

Social Locker is a technology to restrict a part of your content – to make people share your post in order to access it.

58.content locker image

It’s similar to the concept of content upgrade, which you give readers something in exchange with a specific action (opt-in to your list) – So instead of opt-in, you ask for a social share.

If you are using WordPress, this plugin can help you to do that.

Let’s Optimize Your Website For The Web Traffic Storm

Optimize website for more website traffic image

Your website (or blog) is a medium for users to consume your information.

If it’s not optimized for decent user experience, how can you expect your readers to come and read your content?

If you are going to invite a bunch of guests to your house, would you make it nicer, cleaner and more presentable? – Do the same for your website and blog.

Traffic generation is not just about driving new visitors to your website or blog, but also make them keep coming back as loyal readers.

59. Optimize Your Website Loading Speed

People are reluctant to wait more than 4 seconds for your website to load, it’s bad for user experience.

The slow website also bad for SEO and makes Google send less traffic to your website.

So make sure your website is loading fast.

But first, you have to know how fast your website is – check with Pingdom Speed Test or WebPageTest.

Then, make it a goal to improve or maintain your website speed from time to time.

Leverage CDN networks is a great way to improve your site’s speed, here’s some good one:

  • Cloudflare (with free plan) – Used by thousands of basic sites
  • MaxCDN (Paid) – Used by big sites such as 9gag and The Next Web

If your website is loaded with tons of images, use a free image compression plugin to reduce their size on your website.

60. Get Quality Website Hosting To Hold Up The Traffic

Imagine one day – your website accidentally receives a large surge of traffic (due to a large site mention about your site) – You’re so excited to check out your site’s comments and shares – but found that your website server is down… due to high traffic…

60.website down image

… And you couldn’t help but watch all the incoming traffic goes to waste…

What to do..?

Get a quality hosting before you regret.

Invest in premium hosting will ensure your website running smoothly while under attack by a large flood of traffic.

It’s the best investment you can make for your website – not just the holding power, but also make your laser fast!

If budget is your concern, go for Hostgator – It’s well established and reliable with affordable price.

61. Remove Redundant Distractions For Better User Experience

If you are running a blog with the main purpose to get visitors to read your content, get rid of those pointless and annoying distractions from your blog.

If there are some parts of your blog which doesn’t serve any purpose, remove it to make your blog cleaner and lighter.

62. Design Your Website To Impress Visitors

Let me ask you:

How would you dress if it’s your first date?

When a new visitor comes to your site, it’s like the first date – so dress your website nicely like you would for the first date.

The first thing your visitors will judge about your site is the design and user experience.

So, design a website or blog that people can appreciate and spend their precious time on.

Besides quality content, the user experience is what you need to focus on to build a successful blog.

Use design to express your site’s personality – is it professional, warming or fantasy?

If you need unique and stunning design, here’re some great option:

Or if you prefer to engage a web designer for more customization – try 99Designs or Dribbble.

63. Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

With the increasing amount of mobile and tablet users, you have no excuses to not make your website compatible with all devices.

Pick a fully responsive and mobile-optimized theme for your website to ensure smooth user experience.

64. Use Less Or No Ads

If your main monetization is ads, try to place fewer ads – and if possible, don’t place it above the fold… as you already know – people don’t like ads.

Also, if you site yet to have consistent amount of traffic, consider remove all the ads and focus on increase website traffic first…

…because those ads will send your visitors away from your site and may hurt their impression towards your site.

65. Make Your Website Broken Links Free

Broken links may cost you some website traffic, so let’s find and fix those.

Use broken links checker like W3C Link Checker or Free Broken Link Checker to diagnose your website – if found nothing, congratulation!

66. Take Care Of Your Website’s 404 Error

66.404 error

404 error (page not found) can be due to the original page has been moved to new URL or simply a mistyped.

If people came to your site and found 404 error… what do you expect? – Most likely they will go away from your site.

What a waste…

Thus, the solution is either redirect them to your other page with a list of interesting posts or create a custom 404 page to handle your visitors nicely.

67. Install “Related Posts” Plugin

Use plugins like Yet Another Related Posts, Contextual Related Posts, or Yuzo Related Posts to show related posts at the end of your content.

Those related posts will help to maximize your website traffic by getting them to read more from your site – which increase average time on site and total pages view.

68. Enable Trackbacks For Referral Traffic

If you run a WordPress blog (or any platforms with trackbacks feature), you can use it to automatically send notification to other blog that you linked to…

…Allowing your post’s link to show up in their comments section (once approved) – which will get you some referral traffic.

It also helps you get noticed by other bloggers and get them to check out your content.

69. Use “Dofollow” Comments To Attract Visitors

By default, the blog’s comments section of are “nofollow”, but you can turn it off by using plugin and submit to the site with a list of dofollow blogs.

This will eventually attract a lot of visitors to come to your site and drop comments for a backlink.

The drawback is…

…While this method can increase your website traffic, but it also attracts a bunch spammers at the same time – so make sure you check the links’ quality before approving those comments.

70. Submit Your Website To Search Engines

To rank on search engines, first, you have to make sure they know about your site.

You can submit your website to Google here, and Bing at here.

Also, whenever you published a new post, submit it to search engines as well for fast indexing – so that they will crawl it and include your post in their search results.

Don’t Forget To Build Your Email List (Always!)

Build email list image

So you have a website, but do you want to waste your traffic?

This question sounds redundant – who want to waste their precious traffic?

But sadly, they do… without knowing it…

To maximize your precious web traffic, and to build one of your biggest internet assets:

Never let them leave your site – without trying your best to capture their contact information with your autoresponder.

If you yet to have an autoresponder, get one now (before you regret)!

I personally use ConvertKit, and highly recommend it due to its powerful tagging and personalized features, and is very affordable.

Your email subscribers are the easiest yet quality traffic you can command.

By hitting a “Send” button to broadcast an email to all your subscribers, you can get a stream of traffic to your website in short period of time (depending on your list size).

It’s one of the best assets you can build for your business, and you should start building it from day 1.

The bigger your email list is, the more traffic you can drive to your website – for free.

71. Build A Squeeze Page To Collect List

A squeeze page (also called landing page and opt-in page) is a page with one sole purpose – to convert visitors into leads by capturing their contact information like name and email address.

To improve your conversion rate, give them a good reason to opt-in to your list.

You may use a landing page builder like Instapage or built-in landing page feature in ConvertKit.

72. Use Lead Magnet To Increase Opt-in Rate

A lead magnet is an ethical bribe you offer to them in exchange for their email address.

It can be a checklist, cheat sheet, email course, video course, tools, ebook, guide, and templates. – The key is irresistible.

73. Use Content Upgrade

Similar to lead magnet, the content upgrade is in the form of enticing bonus or add-on (like checklist, workbook, cheat sheet, and additional resources) that your readers would love to get as a bonus on top of your content.

Embed it on your post to grow your email list rapidly.

74. Encourage RSS-Subscription

Get your readers to subscribe to your website’s RSS feed through Feedly is also one of the ways to get your content deliver to your readers.

So whenever you published a new post, your readers will get notified.

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[Action Stage] Increase Website Traffic Via Direct Method

Action stage to increase website traffic

Once your preparation is done, it’s time for the interesting part – proactively drive direct traffic to your website or blog.

There’re 2 types of direct traffic – free traffic & paid traffic.

Free traffic: Cost you time, more effort needed, slower result, not scalable, and less risk.

Paid traffic: Cost you money, less effort needed, faster result, scalable, and higher risk.

Basically… These all come down to whether you want to save money or save time.

If you want to save money, go for free traffic. Otherwise, paid traffic.

Or better… go for both. 😉

Start Driving Free Traffic To Your Website

how to drive free traffic to your website

Free traffic is always a viable method to go for – whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or an advanced marketer.

Later on, you’ll be surprised there are so many ways to drive free traffic to your website.

But you don’t need to use all of them, just pick a few that you’re resonates with – and master it.

Without further ado, let’s move on!

Let’s Go Social For Easy Website Traffic

Lets go social to increase website traffic

Social networks are one of the top places where people spend most of their time on it…

…And it’s a waste not to show your website on different social networks.

So… Use these social networks smartly to increase your website traffic now!

75. Share Your Post On Facebook

Do you have friends in your Facebook account? Or followers in your Facebook page?

Login and post your content in your timeline – with a catchy description, CTA, and website link.


76. Share Your Article On Twitter

If you follow the preparation stage, your Twitter should have some followers now.

Login to your account and post a short message with your website link in 140 characters or less.

A viral tweet could potentially bring you thousands of website visitors.

77. Create A Strategic Pinned Tweet

Post a tweet with magnetic description and link to your website or opt-in page and pin to the top of your Twitter profile.

So when people check out your profile, they will see the pinned tweet and attract to your website.

78. Share Your Post To Linkedin

If your content is business related, it could perform much better in Linkedin compared to other social networks.

Even if it’s not, you can still share it to Linkedin – there’s no harm in doing that.

79. Share on Google+

Google+ is not dead!

There’re are still some souls hanging out on Google+, so do post your article on Google+…

…and get those souls to your website.

80. Share Your Post On Instagram

Take one main point or catchy quote from your article and post on Instagram – with CTA and link to your website.

Since it’s Instagram, take some time to make a nice image with Canva to boost response rate, and you may embed the CTA in your picture as well.

Check out this guide to create your Instagram marketing strategy.

81. Use #Hashtag On Social Media Share

Whenever you share your content on social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and etc.), make sure you use a relevant #hashtag to increase exposure.

By using a hashtag like #SEO, you’ll make your post discoverable when someone searches for #SEO related post.

82. Share Your Content Multiple Times

On social networks, you are not the only person your audience followed, so their timelines are constantly flooded with other things, and possible to miss your post.

When it comes to social media traffic, post once is not enough.

So make sure to post your new content on social networks for multiple time (with a different message) – for instance, share again the same day (after few hours), a week later, and a month later.

Here are some ideas on how frequent you need to share across different social networks.

Also, recycle some of your old articles from time to time to generate more traffic to your website – if those articles are still relevant.

83. Use Buffer To Share Multiple Times

Use social media management tool like Buffer to queue up your posts and publish to different social networks on schedule…

…so you don’t need to share those manually – which saves you a lot of time.

You just have to refill the queue when it running out of posts.

84. Use Edgar To Double Your Website Traffic From Social Networks

As an addition to Buffer, use Edgar (a social media scheduler) to re-share your posts automatically – again and again over time without the need to refill the queue.

With Edgar, you’ll always have a post going out to your Facebook page, Twitter, and Linkedin.

85. Post Your Content To Reddit

Look for a relevant subreddit community in your niche to share your content with them.

But bear in mind, Reddit is not a platform for self-promotion and spamming, make sure you read the guidelines and Redditquette to know what is prohibited in the community.

Different subreddits will have their own rules, follow it to avoid being banned.

If done right, Reddit can bring serious traffic to your website or blog.

86. Host A Reddit AMA

If you’re an expert in your niche, or you think you’ve sufficient knowledge to answer any kind questions related to your industry…

…Try hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on a targeted subreddit to answer their questions – and get traffic to your website at the same time.


87. Share Your Content On Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website to share your content, and if someone like your content, they can like and reblog it for their followers.

It’s simple and easy to post your content on Tumblr, and if your post gets many liked and reblogged, you’ll get a lot of traffic to your blog – so try it out!

88. Submit To Delicious

Delicious is a social bookmarking site for people to keep, share, and discover the web content.

Share your post to Delicious so that other users can discover your content.

89. Suggest Your Content On Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a content curation platform where you can create a specific topic page, curate your content, and suggest your content to other curators.

Use it to increase your content exposure and drive referral traffic back to your website.

90. Submit Your Post To Digg

Digg is a news aggregator which feature selected stories from curated contents.

If your content is good (and lucky) enough to get featured on their front page, it can quickly boost traffic to your website.

91. Submit Your Post To Getpocket

Getpocket is another social bookmarking site for you to submit your content for more exposure.

Just sign up and bookmark your content with relevant tags (quick and easy).

92. Cross-Sharing With Instagrammers

Ask the Instagrammers in your niche for cross-sharing – you share their post (with their website link), and they share yours.

It’s a win-win strategy, both of you get some traffic, and some new followers.

93. Link To Your New Post From Your Messaging Apps

Whenever you have new content…

…update your status in messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and etc. – to remind your contact to check out your post.

94. Share On WhatsApp

Share your content through WhatsApp (with a link to your website) and encourage your contacts to share it with their friends and groups.

If your content is beneficial to their friends, they’ll spread it out for you, and your content can go viral on WhatsApp.

Let’s Get More Traffic From Social Networks

Get More From Social Network

Aside from your personal social networks, there are also many social groups and communities to share your content out for more traffic to your website.

The key to getting more from social groups is engagement – so don’t simply spam your link without engages with other group members…

…and make sure you read the group’s rules before posting your link.

95. Post To Facebook Groups

There are many groups with all sort of interests on Facebook, just search for those related to your niche and request to join.

Once joined, read their rules first before you do anything. If it’s allowed, then post your content with a compelling message and catchy text image with a link to your article.

Pro tip: Talk about how your article will benefit them instead of telling what it is.

Also, you can add value in the comments with your answer and link (if relevant).

If you found that the group is flooded by spammers, leave it and don’t waste your time there.

96. Create Your Own Facebook Group

It’s always a good idea to build your own community of like -minded people in your niche, so you’ll have a medium to share your contents with full admin control, and set your own rules.

Be friendly and nice to your group members and ask them to invite others to grow your group quicker.

The larger your Facebook group, the more traffic you can drive to your website.

97. Make Use Of Facebook Messenger

I know you probably have hundreds (if not thousands) of friends in your Facebook account, but how’s the relationship between you and them?

To make your Facebook marketing more effective, use Facebook Messenger to reach out to them…

…and introduce yourself, ask some questions or bring up some topics.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If you’re doing SEO and approaching a real estate agent.

Start with some casual conversation, then ask a question.

You: So…what do you do?

Him: I’m a real estate agent, you?

You: I help real estate agents to get more qualified sellers and buyers at lower cost by making them show up on the 1st page of Google.[/su_note]

*Customize your messages with their professions.

To get a better result, do some research on your prospects – check out their profile, what’s their interest, what kind of post they liked and shared.

Then, open up multiple tabs to start your conversations with them, if the conversation going well, bring up your website link when appropriate – you may get some loyal readers (or clients).

98. Post To Twitter Chats

In Twitter, there some chats on the specific topic going on from time to time (with a specific #hashtag).

For instance:

#polichat is a weekly Twitter chat for political and digital professionals that are held at 12 PM ET every Monday, and…

#litchat is all about books, which suitable for readers and writers, and held for 1 hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 4 PM EST.

Join the Twitter chats that are relevant to your niche, contribute to the conversation, and post your article’s link (if appropriate) to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Don’t know where to find Twitter chats? Check out this directory.

99. Start Your Own Twitter Chat

Couldn’t find any good Twitter chat to join? Why not start a new chat here.

Pict a topic in your niche, choose a unique #hashtag and a time, then let others know about the chat so that they can participate.

When the chat starts, post some questions to them, answer their questions, and engage with the communities to build your Twitter presence.

100. Post To Relevant LinkedIn Groups (or Create Your Own)

Aside from your personal LinkedIn connections, LinkedIn Groups are another good source of traffic for your website.

Search for your keywords and join the groups that are related to your niche.

Once joined, share your post with a customized description to catch their attention and drive free traffic to your website.

But don’t just post and disappear, spend some time to interact with people, and comments on other’s post.

If you want, you can also create a group and invite other professionals to join yours.

101. Share Your Post To Google+ Communities

In Google+, there are a lot of niche related communities that you can join and share your content to.

Go to your Google+ account, select “Communities” on your left, and search for the communities to join…

…then, engage with the members and see if the community is active (there are a lot of inactive communities in Google+ also).

102. Join Google Groups To Share Your Content

Google Groups is another good source for free website traffic.

In Google Groups, you can search for your keywords and use “sorted by date” to find Groups with active members.

103. Post To Your Pinterest Board

Create a board on Pinterest and give it a niche-related name and full description to make it discoverable.

Then, pin your posts frequently to the board…

…and because it’s Pinterest, make sure you create a beautiful and interesting image cover for all your pins together with relevant hashtags.

The virality in Pinterest heavily relies on visuals.

If your niche is visuals related, you should definitely give Pinterest a try.

104. Contribute To Pinterest Group Boards

Search with your keywords and request to join the Pinterest group boards with a large amount of follower related to your niche.

Wait… but there’s no request button for you to join…

Well, to join a group board, you need to ask the admin to invite you as a board contributor – if you’re wondering, the first person in the contributor’s list is the admin.

Send them a message to show that you are sincerely want to contribute to the board.

Once joined, create an enticing pin and post it to the board.

You can also find a list of group boards in Pin Groupie.

Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest group board, it can boost your website traffic massively.

105. Post To Yahoo Groups

In Yahoo Groups, you can find groups of like-minded people that have the same interests as yours.

It’s a great place to connect with people in your niche and share your content.

So, join some groups and share your post with them.

106. Share Your Content To Slack Team

Slack is a team collaboration services with real-time messaging for team’s communication.

If you’re existing member of any Slack teams, share your content with them. If not, join some related slack teams and start engaging with like-minded people to share your article.

You can find a list of Slack teams from here.

107. Create Your Own Team In Slack

If you prefer to have your own Slack community, create one and share your content there – with full admin control.

You can invite your current followers from social networks to join the Slack team to build relationship…

…or if you have any ongoing campaigns like challenges, courses, or events, you can also invite them to a specific Slack team.

108. Join A Social Sharing Platform

Social sharing platform like JustRetweet allows other members to promote your post on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to increase exposure and drive more traffic to your website.

Also, you may gain some new followers at the same time.

Let’s Help Some Folks (and Earn Your Goodwill Traffic)

lets help some folks image

The more people you help, the more goodwill traffic you’ll receive.

If you have some skills and knowledge in your field, don’t just keep it to yourself, utilize it to help the communities in solving their problem.

You can refer them to your article if relevant – which increase your website traffic at the same time.

109. Answer Relevant Questions In Quora

Record at about 100 million monthly unique visitors, Quora is the most popular Q&A platform in the world.

With that being said, you can tap into their large pools of unique visitors and drive them to your website – if you really put in the efforts to serves the communities.

Action: Find some questions relevant to your article, and answer them with the points from your content (with a link back to your article for more details).

Focus on helping people, then only follow by some soft-promotion (if relevant).

You may subscribe for the topics you’re good at – so that you’ll get a notification for the questions related to your topics.

110. Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers

Similar to Quora, Yahoo! Answers is the second largest Q&A platform where you can contribute great value to the community and get your website traffic in return.

111. Post In Niche Forums

Internet forum is one of the great traffic sources to increase your website’s exposure, as there are many active users in different niche forums.

To find your niche forums, just go to Google and search for: “Your niche” + “Forum”. For instance, if your niche is online marketing, then search for “online marketing forum”.

Alternatively, you can find in forum directory where they sorted according to categories.

Once found, signup an account and read the forum rules first.

Then, start engaging with users in threads relevant to your topic, and refer to your article whenever appropriate.

To make forum marketing more effective, be active and focus on giving valuable contributions to the discussion, and don’t spam!

112. Add Your Signature In Forums

If allowed, create a catchy signature with a link to your post or opt-in page.

By actively contribute to the discussion, you’ll found a lot of referral traffic to your website from those forums,

You can get more people to check out your signature link by becoming a respected contributor to the forum.

113. Create A Forum On Your Website

If you want to keep people hanging around your site, consider creating a forum with bbPress.

By having your own forum, you can get a lot of traffic to your website when some discussion is going on.

114. Post Tutorial On “How-to” Site

If you know how to do something, share your knowledge by writing some “how-to” guides on high traffic sites like eHow, wikiHow, and Instructables to drive traffic to your website (with links in your tutorial).

You can also write a quick version of tutorial and get them to check out your site if they need a more detailed guide.

More Exposure = More Traffic To Your Website

More exposure

Don’t keep your website in the fridge, show it to the world to gain more exposures.

115. Use Mix To Increase Exposure

With Mix.com (formerly StumbleUpon), you’ll be able to build shareable collections of your favorite finds across the internet: articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

As you curate your web content, your saves will turn into meaningful recommendations for others in Mix and increase your content’s exposure.

To get started, just sign up an account and add your content’s URL to Mix.

116. Submit To Buzzfeed

Have interesting post ready to go viral?

Submit to Buzzfeed and put your content in front of millions of visitors.

117. Submit Your Website To AllTop

AllTop is an aggregator site which features the latest 5 topics from different publishers.

By submitting your website’s feed to them, it will allow your contents to be found by people looking for what’s happening in your niche – which increases your site’s exposure.

118. Submit Your Post To Flipboard

Flipboard is a popular content aggregator site that organizes the content from different publishers in one place.

To make your content listed in Flipboard, signup and flip your content in relevant categories.

119. Submit To Hacker News

Submit your post to Hacker News to gain more exposure and get free traffic to your site.

120. Submit Your Website To Directories

There are many blog and website directories for you to submit and gain some exposure.

Just go to Google and search for “blog/website” + “directory/directories”.

Then, submit your site to be listed for free traffic.

121. Submit Your Content To Community Sites

Community sites is another great place to boost your website traffic.

Join and submit your article to community sites…

…to increase your content’s exposure for new audiences.

Here’re some of the sites:

You don’t have to repost your whole article…

…just write a nice intro and get them to check out your original post.

122. Join Blogging Communities

If you run a blog, join some blogging communities to connect with other bloggers or brands to increase your blog’s exposure and drive traffic to your blog.

Here’s some example of blogging communities:

  • Triber (free) – A community for bloggers to share their articles
  • BlogDash (free) – A bloggers outreach platform to connect with brands or bloggers
  • MyBlogGuest (free) – A community for guest bloggers
  • Blog Engage (paid) – A blogging community for bloggers to submit their articles
  • Blokube (paid) – A community for bloggers to network, mastermind and share articles

123. Look For Niche Communities

No matter what niche you are in, there are always some communities where your audiences already gather, and you can step in to drive targeted traffic to your website.

You can always find them by searching “Your Niche” + “Communities” in Google… and dig further using a powerful tool called Google Display Planner.

Once you’ve found the communities, create an account and participate in their conversations to express your ideas, opinions, and expertise.

124. Be More Active In The Communities

Be “active” or “passive” in a community can make a huge difference in term of your influential, popularity, and authority.

When you found some great communities, be active and participating in their activities…

…like write for them as a contributor, become a moderator, join their webinars and even attends some in-person events to network with people and promote your website.

125. Create A Wikipedia Page

Let me start with this bold line: Wikipedia is not for self-promoting (including your name, website, product, and business).

125.wiki image

However, if you think your name, website, product or business is notable enough to include in Wikipedia, you may submit your Wikipedia page to increase your exposure.

Pro tip: Make sure you write from a neutral point of view, or else your article may get removed

126. Add Your Article As Wikipedia References

If you feel that your article is a trustable source and should be included in the references of a Wikipedia page, suggest it to Wikipedia.

To submit your article, create a Wikipedia account and put it as a reference for the relevant page to get some free traffic to your site.

Again, no self-promoting.

127. Start A Petition

If there is something worth a petition and your website is related to it, then start a petition to gain massive exposure.

Create a petition on iPetitions or Change.org and include some valuable information with your website link.

128. Use Sniply To Drive Traffic To Your Website

With Sniply, you can add a custom call-to-action to every link you share.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

You share a Snip.ly link to an article from Entreprenuer.com on your Twitter, when your followers clicked on the link and reached Enterpreneur.com page…

…they will see your call-to-action box stick on the left-bottom corner.

128. sniply image[/su_note]

Use it to share other website’s article and increase your website traffic at the same time.

129. Translate Your Website Into Other Languages

Translate your website and articles into another language can be very effective in getting extra traffic to your website.

If you are using WordPress, just use the Transposh plugin (free) to translate your website or blog into the multi-language site and start getting more traffic.

Alternatively, you may install the translation widget from Google to expand your global reach.

Let’s Repurpose And Syndicate For New Audiences

repurpose and syndicate image

Spent hours to produce your content?

Don’t waste your effort, let’s repurpose it and syndicate to other websites for new audiences and boost your site traffic.

You can also repurpose your article in a new form like – graphic, video, presentation slides, audio, and more…

…then post it on relevant platforms to drive more fresh traffic to your website.

130. Submit Your Post To Article Directories

Syndicate your article to high-quality article directories is one of the ways to drive traffic to your website.

But bear in mind, don’t mass submit to tons of low-quality article directories, it’s not going to work and may get your site being penalized by Google.

Instead, pick a few high quality sites and focus on submiting high-quality and original article to provide value to the audiences.

Some of the article directories are Buzzle, EzineArticles, and SelfGrowth.com.

Before you decide to syndicate any of your articles, make sure you check the site first for its quality.

131. Syndicate Your Content With RSS Feed

Create a partial feed (small excerpt) and syndicate to feed readers to get people come to your site for full content.

Alternatively, you can also create a customized feed which includes a CTA and link to your website.

132. Syndicate Your Content To Popular Sites

Do you know that some popular websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily allow you to syndicate your content on their sites?

By putting your content on these popular sites, you can drive massive traffic back to your website from their huge audiences.

If you think your content is good enough be republish on these big sites, then pitch your content to their editors for consideration.

133. Repurpose Your Content For Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform with millions of readers around the world.

Repurpose your content into a shorter version and republish it to Medium with a call-to-action to drive visitors back to your website.

134. Republish Your Content On Other Website’s Blog

There are some websites which allow you to create a blog under their domains.

For instances,

You can create your own Quora Blog by login to your Quora account, go to “Blogs” under your profile, and click “Create a Blog”.

134. quora blog image

Also, you can join the HubPages Network to republish your content on their networks with a link back to your website.

135. Syndicate Your Content To LinkedIn Pulse

Repurpose your article and republish it to LinkedIn Pulse to attract new audience to your website.

For every piece of repurposed content, write a unique intro and title to fit the republish platforms.

136. Repurpose And Submit To Infographic Sites

Some of the great candidates to be repurposed into infographic are:

  • Article that shares important facts and statistics
  • A tutorial with specific steps to follow
  • A list post
  • Article describing an important concept or topic

Repurpose your article into a stunning infographic and submit to infographic sites such as Submit Infographics, Visually, and Cool Infographics.

You may also email your pitch to bloggers and websites in your niche to share your infographic or include it on their site…

…and make sure they link to your website.

137. Repurpose And Publish To SlideShare

SlideShare is one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world – another powerful platform to boost your site traffic.

Turn your article into an epic presentation slides and publish to your SlideShare account to drive more traffic to your website for free.

You may include a clickable link to your website from 3rd slides onward, so make sure you have a CTA to get readers to click the link and visit your website.

Pro tip: Use fewer words and attractive images in your slides to make it more interesting

When submitting, make sure you give it a unique title, description, and relevant keywords to make it more discoverable.

To features your slides on the front page of SlideShare (for more eyeballs), you may embed it into your post or promote it on your networks to boost the total views.

Besides, SlideShare also tends to rank higher on Google… which bring extra organic traffic to your website.

138. Repurpose Into A Podcast And Distribute

More and more people listen to the podcast as their main platform to consume information due to its convenient while traveling…

…and it’s becoming a great way for new users to find you

So, turn your article into a podcast and distribute to podcast and audio sites like iTunes, Podbean, and PodOmatic to increase your website traffic.

139. Repurpose Your Content Into Video

Video is another powerful way to drive more traffic to your website due to its higher perceived value.

Write down some of the important points and turn it into an interesting video… or you can also record your laptop screen with Camtasia to show a step by step tutorial and save in a video format.

Pro tip: Do some editing on your video to make it more entertaining and engaging.

Once you have your video ready, upload it to video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Metacafe.

Don’t forget to optimize your video title, description, and tags to make your video rank higher on video search engines.

Utilize Multimedia For More Traffic To Website

use multimedia for more website traffic

People like multimedia like pictures, audios, and videos… so they are likely to spend their time on those place.

If you want to increase your website traffic, there is no reason not to promote your website in those place.

140. Share Your Images To Image Sharing Community

If you use any images or pictures on your site… create an account and upload them to online image sharing community like Flickr, Imgur, and Photobucket.

Write some description for the images and include your article link to drive some visitors to your website.

These images will also rank on Google image search and bring your website some organic traffic.

141. Leverage Logo Submission Site

If your website or blog has a logo, or you are a designer who produces logos, submit it to logo submission site such as TheLogoMix and Logopond for additional exposure.

Include your website link in the description to drive some traffic back to your site.

142. Join A Podcast

If your friend or someone you know is hosting a podcast, request to join in and promote your site during the podcast (if relevant) to drive traffic to your website.

You can also look for podcasters that interview people related to your niche… and reach out to them about interviewing you as a guest.

Then, mention your website in the interview and give a call-to-action at the end of your interview to get the readers to visit your site.

143. Host Your Own Podcast Series

If you are ready for your own podcast, get some podcast equipment and start your own podcast series to build your listeners.

Use it as a medium to showcase your expertise, deliver value, and build trust to your audience.

You can also invite some bloggers, entrepreneurs, or influencers in your industry to show up in your podcast…

…and get them to promote the series to their networks to grow your podcast listeners.

144. Host A Webinar

Prefer to show your expertise in video form? Let’s host a webinar.

Brainstorm some key points to be presented in the webinar, set a date & time, and build a landing page for registration.

Then, promote the webinar on your social networks and get your followers to promote it.

You may show your face or use slideshow to deliver your points in the webinar.

145. Do a Webinar For Other Site’s Audience

You may participate in other marketers’ webinar as a guest speaker, or team up with them to co-host a webinar and promote it to both of your audiences.

Make sure you provide massive value and interact with the audience in the webinar to build trust and rapport with the audience…

…and invite them to visit your site to get more information or offer some free gift to build your list.

146. Share Articles On Snapchat

Have followers on Snapchat? Let’s take a few snaps and get your followers to check out your new post.

Also, share some valuable tips with snaps to provide value to your audience and interact with them.

147. Host A Periscope Session

Use Periscope to stream live video about a topic in your niche and mention your article or website in the broadcast.

Because it’s live stream, which allows you to engage with your viewers directly, interact with them, and answer their questions – live!

148. Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engines on the internet…

…which worth your attention (if you want to increase your website traffic).

Produce and upload more videos to grow your YouTube channel and subscribers.

The more subscribers = the more traffic you can drive to your website.

Shot a quick video where you talk about few tips and ideas on a certain topic…

…and make it interesting and entertaining.

To get more viewers to visit your site:

Use the annotation feature to add a call-to-action…

…and include a link in your video description as well.

149. Post Training On Skillshare

Ready to teach and get some students..?

Let’s create some online classes at Skillshare – an online learning community.

Get your students to visit your website as a learning material – which boost your website traffic.

If the response is good, you may even consider charge for a fees…

…and make it one of your income streams.

150. Create A Course For Udemy

Create a video course on Udemy to teach a specific topic in your niche and get your course promoted by them.

Then, promote your website to your Udemy audience as relevant content to drive some traffic to your website.

151. Teach On CreativeLive

Want to teach the world – on air?

Use CreativeLive – an online education platform that broadcasts live classes to an international audience for free.

Besides, they’ll promote your courses to their audience – free traffic for you.

Teach on a course is also a great way to raise your authority in your niche.

Email Your Way: For Fast Traffic To Your Website

Email your way image

Email is one of the most powerful tools in generates fast website traffic.

Best part?

It’s FREE.

152. Insert Your Link In Email Signature

A simple trick to get more traffic. 😉

If you email a lot, simply include a signature link with a call-to-action will send your some website visitors.

153. Update The Email Signatures Of Your Team

If you have a group, a company, or a team…

…use a standard email signature for everyone – with a link to the website.

154. Email Your Likely Sharer

Email your article link to people who have shared (or tweeted) the similar topics.

“If those people liked that content, they may like yours as well.”

Scout them in their social profiles and blog…

…or use a tool like BuzzSumo.

154.buzzsumo guide

155. Email Your List

This is the first thing you do (once published a new post).

Why first..?

Because… they are… V.I.P…


Write a nice title – fill a great intro – add a link – broadcasts to your subscribers.

Sit back and watch your traffic hikes.

156. Ask Your Readers To Forward

In your email, beg ask them to forward it to their friends.

“If you want others to do something, ask for it.”

157. Email People Who Never Opened

If you haven’t achieved 100% open rate – Do this.

After 2-3 days after you broadcasted to your list… check & email again to those who “forgot” to open…

…with a new title and intro (same link).

Quick and easy – yet effective.

158. Add Your Link To “Vacation” Mode

Away from email?

Set up an autoresponder (or vacation mode) with your website link.

First: People know you are away and will expect delay in receiving your reply.

Second: They have somewhere to go if they missed you.

Third: Your website traffic increase.


159. Email Your Articles To Professors

Not just for the professors…but also their students…

If you think your content is well-researched, informative, and beneficial to their students…

…refer them to read your article for educational purpose.

160. Email Your Controversial Response

If you disagree with someone’s article (especially the industry leaders)… Voice up!

Write a response of your views and opinions on your website…

…and email the bloggers and industry leaders to check out your post.

Some of them will share your article with their audiences…

…if they agreed with you (or even they don’t) – which bring massive traffic to your site.

161. Email Featured Bloggers In Your Roundup

Once you published your roundup post:

Email those featured bloggers (or experts)…

…to let them know that the roundup post is live (so they can share now).

In the email:

Ask if they can mention your roundup in their blog (non-pushy).

Just a few “Yes” will send you significant referral traffic.

162. Give Credit To Whoever Inspired Your Post

People like to be inspired… and inspired others (to do something).

Mention their name in your post and send them an email once published.

Who can resist sharing a post that honorably mentioned their name?

It’s hard.

163. Email Websites Mentioned In Your Post

When you linked out to websites:

Send an email to the bloggers & webmasters…

…to inform them you just linked to their blog or website.

Don’t forget to ask them (softly) if they could share it.

You can also ping them in social media.

Let’s Get Some PR Exposure

Get some PR image

Want to be featured in large publications, online magazine, and news?

Such as:


Then do these…

164. Pitch Your Story To Publications

Got an inspiring story to share?

Launching a new innovative product?

Don’t hide!

Email publications and online magazines about your great story.

If they like your story or innovation…

…you may get yourself some press coverage!

165. Pitch Your Story To Journalists

Another way to get featured in large publications:

Pitch the journalists or writers directly.

If they buy your story, they’ll write it and submit for you.

166. Get Into Google News

Is your site produce timely contents or news-related articles?

If yes, read the requirements and apply to be listed in Google News…

…for massive exposure to your website.

167. Use HARO

Want to become a source for journalists to get media coverage?

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up HARO and get daily opportunities (topics) to your mailbox
  2. Once you found a good one, pitch them to get interview
  3. If success, ask them to mention your site in the article (if relevant)
  4. Have your coffee and wait for the article to be publish

Once published, enjoy your traffic ~

168. Look For Media Syndication Opportunities

Some large publications like Business Insider and Lifehacker accept syndication.

Pitch them to republish your contents on their site for mass exposure.

169. Submit A Press Releases

If you have a new product, an event, or a big announcement…

…create an online press release to generate publicity.

How About Some Fun

Have Fun image

Feel bored?

Let’s do some activities to boost engagement and increase your website traffic.

170. Offer A Free Product

Giveaway a free product on your site…

…and let your audience to spread the love for you.

It can be an eBook, eCourse, tool or anything related to your niche.


171. Host A Contest

Host a one-time, monthly or yearly contest on your website or blog…

…with attractive prizes for winners.

For instances:

Host a content contest for participants to submit their best article for a specific topic.

Host a Q&A contest which you ask participants a question… and the best answer gets the prize.

Host a 30 days challenge for a specific task.

As a bonus, give a prize for a participant who sends you the most traffic…

…to encourage them to share your contest page.

Tip: Get them to subscribe to your email list for the announcement (to build your list).

The more buzz you generate… the more traffic to your website.

172. Run A Social Media Contest

Want more social media traffic and followers?

Run a viral like, share, or retweet contest on social media…

…with an entry description and your website link.

Need some tools?

Try Rafflecopter and SocialTools.me (Facebook).

173. Create A Quiz

People like quizzes… let’s create one for them.

Use Qzzr to create a quiz (embed on your site)…

…and get your audience and followers to take.

Encourage them to share the results on social networks for viral traffic.

174. Host A Q&A Session On Your Site

Want to create some buzz on your site?

Host a live Q&A session.

Announce your upcoming Q&A to your readers, forums, and communities.

During the session:

Focus on helping people solving their questions or problems.

Aside from the traffic to your website…

…you’ll also build the trust from your expertise.

Time To Engage With People!

Engage with people image

Don’t be a lone ranger, talk to people.

Engage with other bloggers and webmasters to build a relationship…

…and leverage others’ resources to increase your website traffic.

175. Ask For Share

If you don’t ask, you won’t get it.

Ask your close contacts to share your new post.

They’re willing to share it out for you (if your content is great).


176. Comment On Relevant Blogs

Most commenting platforms accept website link in your name.

Don’t just drop a “Great post!” and run…

…but read the whole article and write an insightful response.

People will judge you based on your comment…

…if your comment is helpful and valuable, they may check out your site.

(Even you didn’t ask for)

To start:

  1. Subscribe a list of blogs in your industry with Feedly
  2. Check daily for new posts
  3. Visit and drop your valuable comment
  4. Repeat

It’s also an effective way to build a relationship with the bloggers and webmasters.

177. Add Value To A Popular Conversation

There is always some big issue arise…

…which generate a buzz across the relevant industry.

Which also means: Huge traffic opportunity for you.

By getting in the popular conversation with your “attention grabbing” unique point-of-view…

…you can potentially drive a huge amount of traffic to your site.

To search for the popular or “hot” topics in your niche, start here:

178. Guest Post On Relevant Sites

One of the effective ways to increase your website traffic is to leverage other sites’ traffic.

Such as… Guest Posting.

By posting your article on other sites, you can tap into their readers and “borrow” their traffic.

To find the relevant sites with high traffic:

Go to Google and search for:

“Your niche/keyword” + “write for us”

“Your niche/keyword” + “submit guest post”

Next… reach out to sites and pitch your guest post topic.

If they give you a “Yes”, then only start crafting your post for their audience.

Before it goes live:

Ask for permission to include a CTA to your opt-in page (to build your list) at the end of the post.

Also, write an enticing bio with a link to attract people to visit your site (and become your loyal readers).

If your guest post rank on 1st page of Google…

…you can expect a residual referral traffic from it.


179. Be A Contributor

Found a good site to publish your stuff?

Then become a contributor and submit quality articles to the site regularly.

To get the most from your contributed articles:

Make sure they are top-notch, unique, and well-research…

…so that your referral traffic also top-notch.

180. Get Guest Posts From Famous Authors

If you know any famous author who does guest posting…

…invite them to write one for your site.

Not only you’ll get high-quality content, but also increase your website traffic when they share to their readers.

As bonus, the post could also rank on Google for the author name…

…so when people search for it, they may end up landing on your site.


181. Ask Bloggers To Mention Your Post

Outreach to the bloggers (in your industry or published contents relevant to your topic) to get them to check out your post…

…and ask them mention to it in their article or upcoming post (if they liked it).


182. Ask Your Audience To Take A Survey

Invite your audience to take a survey regarding an interesting topic in your industry…

…and publish the result in your blog.

Survey statistics shown that 94.7% of respondents are interested to know the survey results, so once published…

…You can get your audience to share the survey result to drive traffic to your blog.

Also, send the result to the bloggers in your industry (if the result is out of their expectation, they may write an article about it).

183. Look For Link Roundup Opportunities

Link roundup is a weekly or monthly roundup for a list of best contents in particular niche.

For instance:

If a blog runs a weekly roundup for SEO niche – every week, the blog will publish a list of great content about SEO from different blogs…

…so the readers can click on the each link to visit the blog for that particular content.

To make your content featured in link roundup:

  1. Google “your keyword” + “roundup” / “weekly roundup” / “monthly roundup”
  2. Scan through the blog to confirm it’s a link roundup post
  3. Email and pitch the blogger to include your content
  4. Repeat for search for more opportunities

If your post gets featured… it can bring a very targeted traffic to your blog.

184. Join Blog Linkups

Blog linkup is an event hosted by one blogger – for other bloggers to add their blog post to a list and engage with each other’s post.

The purpose is to build relationship through an engaging like-minded bloggers community…

…and increase website traffic by visiting each other’s blog post.

185. Create Your Own Linkups

Instead of waiting for others to create one, start your own linkup…

…and invite bloggers in your industry to join the event to networking.

Also, get them to mention and promote the linkup to their audience…

…for more traffic to each other’s blog.

186. Join A Relevant Hashtag Blog Party

There’re some hashtag-based parties for bloggers happen from time to time – on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Participate in the hashtag parties relevant to your niche to share your blog post…

…and engage with others’ post with a comment, like, share, and retweet.



Cross Promotion: Boost Referral Traffic

cross promotion image

Before you participate in any cross promotion:

Be cautious – the quality is key!

Although cross promotion may help each other and increasing website traffic for both sites…

…but promoting a low-quality site will hurt your reputation (and won’t bring you quality traffic).

187. Cross Promote Each Other’s Article

Have blogger (or webmaster) friends in the same industry?

Reach out to them and offer for cross promotion:

Write a post and mention their article in your content…

…and they do the same by linking to your post in their article.

This way, both of you will benefit from each other’s referral traffic.


188. Swap Ads

If you’re okay to place ads on your blog (or website)…

…look for other bloggers in the same industry to exchange banner ads or text ads.

Alternatively, you may use a free banner exchange platform

…but the quality of ads and traffic is out of your control, so not preferable (test with cautious if you want to try).

189. Swap Guest Posts

Reach out to your blogger friends for guest posts exchange:

You write a post and publish on their blog… and they do the same on your blog.

Note: Content’s quality is the key, make sure you only exchange quality guest post which provides great value to both site’s readers.

It’s beneficial to both of you in term of growing blog’s traffic, readerships, subscribers, and SEO.

190. Exchange Blog Comments

When you commented on other bloggers’ post, invite them to check out yours and drop their comment.

By commenting on each other’s post…

…it helps by creating discussions and drive more traffic to each other’s blog.

Besides, you can build a strong relationship with other bloggers.

191. Exchange Review With Other Blogs

If you have a bloggers community or a group of blogger friends…

…suggest writing a review for each other’s blog (like what the blog is about, and what you think about the blog) to cross promote to each other’s readers.

Through reviews, it can increase the reader’s’ trust when checking out the blog.

192. Do A Newsletter Swap

Have email list?

Contact your blogger friends to do a newsletter swap:

You send an email to your subscribers – recommend them to check a post by other bloggers…

…and they do the same to their email list.

It’s an effective way to drive more traffic to each other’s blog.

Increase Your Website Traffic Through Recognition


Recognition such as award, success story, and interview is another excellent way to drive traffic to your website…

…either you’re the one who is recognized, or you give recognition to others.

193. Nominate Your Blog For Blog Awards

There are some blogs or websites that giving out blog awards for the excellent blog for every year.

If you run a great blog…

…go and nominate yourself to draw attention to your blog.

You may get the award, which boosts your blog’s branding and brings more traffic to your blog.

194. Publish Awards To Bloggers

Feel like giving out awards to great bloggers in your niche?

Then compiles your own list of bloggers (eg: Top 100) to receive your award.

You can use public metrics like site’s traffic and rank from Alexa and SimilarWeb as a reference in compiling your list.

Once done, publish the award list in your site and create a beautiful award badge for them to put on their blog…

…and reach out to all the award winners about their awards.

Most of them will be happy to share your award list to their audiences…

…which drive massive traffic to your website.

Some of the bloggers will link back to the awards list on your site for proof and reference…

…which bring residual traffic to your website, and improve your SEO as well.

195. Be A Blogger’s Success Story

If you achieved some success using a blogger’s guides or strategies…

…let them know about your success story.

Most of them will happily to include your success story as a motivation or case study in their post to validate the ideas…

196. Be Interviewed

Have any inspiring story or outstanding case study?

Email to the bloggers in your niche to pitch your story or case study.

If it’s great, some of them will want to publish it on their blog for their readers…

…and you’ll get a bunch of referral traffic to your website.

197. Be Part Of The Expert Roundups Interview

Search for blogs or websites that publish expert roundups interview periodically…

…and reach out to them to introduce yourself and talk about your expertise.

If your expertise is what they are looking for, they’ll interview and featured you in their expert roundups post.

Tip: Be active in your niche communities and raise yourself as an expert, so people will come to you for experts interview (when they want to create a roundups post).

How About Some Offline Way

Offline marketing image

Offline ways are still effective in driving traffic to your website (if done right)…

…let’s give it a try.

198. Feature Your Website On Physical Presence

If you have any physical presence such as business store, booth, or vehicle…

…put your website link on it so that people can see and check out your site.

199. Join A Meetup

Face to face meetup is one of the fastest way to make friends and connections to talk about your business, blog, or website.

Search for a relevant meetup in your area…

…and attends it to connects with the hosts and attendees.

Then, talk about your website to get them to visit your site.

200. Start A Meetup

You can also host your own meetup to gather like-minded people for networking.

For instances:

Start a reader meetup to gather all your readers in a certain area to network and build a stronger relationship with each other.

Or host a meetup to discuss a specific topic in your niche to meet new friends and promote your business or website.

201. Join A Niche Event

Find and attend some major niche events or conferences worldwide…

…to meet people in your industry, build connections and promote your site.

It’s a great way to get your name out and make your website known.

If you are in online marketing field, check out here for the upcoming events and conferences.

Or, just search for “your niche” + “events/conferences” + “year”.

For instance: “digital marketing events 2017”

To improve accuracy, set the time to “Past week” or “Past month”.

201. google search image

202. Speak At Conferences

Want to establish yourself as an industry leader in your niche?

Speak at major conferences in your industry.

By becoming an expert in your field…

…you’ll gain a lot more exposures to your website.

#speaker  #leader  #expert

203. Get Invited As Speaker

Reach out to local event organizers and specific departments in universities and colleges…

…to pitch them about your expertise and idea for a talk.

Once you get invited to talk about a topic…

…provide massive value to the audience and get them to check out your site for more information.

204. Teach A Class

Communicate with the local academic institutes to organize a free class in their Institute for a relevant topic.

Because you’re offering free value for their students, most of them will arrange a session for you.

Then, conduct the class with presentation slides on your laptop…

…and offer the students some free stuff to redeem on your website at the end of the class.

205. Host A Free Workshops

Workshop is a very effective way to collect hot leads and build trust.

Host a free workshop in your house or workspace and collect the registrant’s information such as name, email and phone number.

Then, teach people how to do something in the workshop and make it one of the steps to visit your site for certain information.

After the workshop:

Make sure you follow up closely with your leads to check their progress and build a relationship with them.

206. Mentor A Startup

If you have the experience in building up a successful blog, website, or business…

…consider mentoring a startup to build your expertise, testimonial, and goodwill in your industry.

Once they become successful, you can leverage their success as your case studies and testimonials.

And you’ll get some loyal students and followers.

Create A Product To Attract Web Traffic

Create a product to drive traffic

Build something that is useful is another great option to get people to mention your website…

…and increase your website’s residual traffic.

Because people will keep coming back to use your product.

207. Create A Free Tool

Identify a need or problem in your niche, and create a free tool (hosted on your site) to solve it.

If the tool is useful, people will definitely come to your site to use it…

…and most of them will share it out (because it’s useful and free) – which boost your site’s traffic significantly.

Not only that:

A useful free tool also tends to attract a lot of backlinks to the site…

…will improve your site’s SEO as well.

208. Use Kickstarter

Got a great product idea but need some funding?

Kickstarter is your way!

By featuring your idea and website link on Kickstarter

…aside from the funding, it will also bring you some website traffic before you developed the product.

Besides, you’ll have ready users once you finished the development.

209. Create An App

Develop a mobile app for your website or blog and upload it to App Store to increase your mobile traffic.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If you run a travel blog, create a travel destinations generator…

…for the users to randomly generate an idea for next travel destination…

…and lead them to your blog for the travel guide (targeted traffic).[/su_note]

Don’t like coding?

Just hire a developer from Freelancer or Upwork.

210. Create A Browser Extension

If you have a tool or product that can use on other sites:

Make a browser extension for your users to access it quickly on other sites…

…and bring them back to your website after that for further action.

If they use your browser extension often, it will develop more trust on them in using your product…

…so when you launch a new one, they’ll be the first to try it out.

211. Create A Website Theme

Make a free website theme with your brand and website link in the footer…

…to drive traffic back to your website from the blogs and sites which use your theme.

Want to learn how to make your first WordPress theme?

Start your journey here.

212. Create A Website Plugins

Make free plugins with your brand and a link back to your website for traffic.

You can also send your promotional messages to all the plugin users to get them to visit your site or check out a new product.

If you want to learn how to develop a WordPress plugin, go here.

213. Create An E-Book

Create your own ebook and list it on Amazon Kindle – make sure the content is great and interesting to make it go viral and get the most out of it.

Side Note: Amazon has 183 million monthly visitors (as of March 2017)

Next, enroll in their KDP Select program to leverage its limited-time free Kindle ebook promotion for their readers to massively boost your website traffic and email list.

You can drive traffic to your website by putting your website link and a CTA in the listing’s description…

…and also from the links in the ebook itself.

Once you listed the ebook on Amazon Kindle Select, don’t stop there…

…keep promote it on various sites for more exposures:

Here’s the list for you:

As a bonus, you’ll get a new title – Author.

214. Create An Online Games

Most people like to play games, especially those that are fun and addicting.

So, ignites your creativity to create a fun, addicting, and interesting online game relevant to your niche…

…and host it on your site to get the visitors keep coming back to play.

This is how to increase website traffic while making your site fun and interesting.

Boost Traffic With Your Product & Physical Business

boost traffic with product and physical business

Already have a product or physical business?

Let’s leverage it to boost your website traffic.

215. Run A Viral Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff.

If you have a product, run a viral giveaway or contest is a powerful way to bring viral traffic to your website (and build your email list).

Set some entry requirements (eg: share the contest page on social media) to participate in your campaign to boost social reach.

You may use tools like UpViral or KingSumo to set up your giveaway campaign…

…and reward the participants with extra entries by sharing the giveaway to social networks or inviting their friends to join the campaign – to boost referral traffic.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

With UpViral, the participants will be sent to below page after entering their details…

215.upviral image

…which encourages them to share on social networks for extra chances.[/su_note]


Some of these platforms will allow you to integrate with your autoresponder, but I urge you NOT to (if you feel that the campaign may go viral).

The reason is that some of these leads might be fake (entered for fun) and low-quality (just want the free stuff)…

…so it’s not wise to pay your autoresponder to host these fake and low quality leads.

Worse case, you may get your autoresponder shut down due to a large amount of invalid account.

Let the platform to collect the leads itself, then do your own filtering before you manually import those quality leads into the autoresponder.

Also, submit your campaign to giveaway sites such as:

216. Sell Your Products On Promo Sites

Other than giveaway, list your product on promo sites like DealCatcher (at a huge discount) is also an excellent way to increase your site’s and product’s exposures.

Alternatively, you can also offer a discount coupon and post it on coupon sites like The Krazy Coupon Lady and RetailMeNot to drive visitors back to your website.

Either way, make sure you collect their email addresses before the purchase.

217. Offer A Deal For Others’ Audience

Reach out to bloggers or webmasters with huge followers, and offer them an exclusive deal specifically for their audiences.

With this kind of special deal (massive discount), most bloggers or webmasters will accept the offer because it provides huge value to their followers…

…and you’ll get a flood of referral traffic to your website (and buyers).

218. Sell Your Product On Marketplaces

Have physical product?

List it on marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon to reach more audiences.

In the product description, get them to visit your website for additional information like how to use the product effectively and etc..

219. Get More Web Traffic With Classified Ads

Place some free ads on classified sites like Craigslist and Backpage.

According to Craigslist, they are receiving 50 billion page views per month…

…so make your ads stand out to get the most from their monthly visitors.

220. Cooperate With Other Product Owners

Reach out to other companies and product owners to partner with them…

…and offer a bundle deal with their products at a bundle discount to their audiences.

Then, promote the bundle deal to both of your audiences.

The audiences will benefit from the deal; both of you will receive more traffic and sales – a win-win situation.

221. Share Your Product To Product Hunt

Submit your product to Product Hunt to let more people find your website and product.

The platform allows members to upvote and comment on the listing…

…so if your product got a lot of upvotes, it will be listed on the monthly popular list and bring even more traffic to your site.

222. Leverage Affiliate Program

Build your team of affiliates to promote your product and send you the traffic to build your list.

Launch your in-house affiliate program with Ambassador

…or using 3rd party affiliate services like CJ Affiliate and Share A Sale to track your affiliates status and sales.

Also, reach out to the bloggers and marketers in your niche to offer them high commission for each product sale…

…and get them to send their readers to your website.

Join WA (#1 affiliate community) to learn more about affiliate marketing and network with other affiliate marketers to boost your traffic.

223. Supercharge Your Affiliates

There are several ways to boost your affiliates performance, such as:

  • Offer high commission rate
  • Make it easy for them to promote by setting up an affiliate resource center
  • Run affiliate contest with attractive prize
  • Show the leaderboard to all affiliates
  • Send out motivational emails
  • Offer tier-based bonus

If you are selling a digital product, consider offering 50% to 90% or even 100% commission to your affiliates.

By doing the above, your affiliates will turn into the mad mode and send you tons of traffic.

224. Do A Joint Venture

Prefer partnership?

Do a joint venture with trustworthy marketers and work together to launch a promotion.

For instance:

You have a great product, but no traffic; your partners have no product but have a huge list of followers.

So when entering into JV partnerships – Your product gets the audience; their followers get the product.

By working with JV partners, you also have someone to turn to for discussion…

…which can make the overall marketing more successful and efficiency.

Teachable have great case studies on using JVs to grow your business.

225. List Your Business On Local Discovery Services

Have a local business?

Make it appear on discovery and rating platforms like Yelp and Foursquare to help people find your business…

…and drive more traffic to your website.

226. Get Into Google My Business

Most consumers will go to Google to search for local businesses.

Make sure to list your business on Google My Business to make it appear on a search result for more organic traffic to your website.

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paid traffic image

Want to get website traffic on demand?

Paid traffic is the only way.

If you need 100k visitors, no problem.

If you want it by tomorrow, you can, too.

It’s fast, scalable, and huge in volume (if not unlimited).

How to increase website traffic fast and in a large amount?

Paid advertising.

With paid ads, you can command and drive traffic to your website traffic in large scale.

As rule of thumb:

Start small, split-test, and scale up.

Social Ads: Social Is Worth Your Investment

Social media advertising image

In this generation, social media is part of the most people’s life…

…and they spent a lot of time on social networks.

So, these social networks know about them much better than you and me…

…together with their large audience base – which makes it the ideal place to drive traffic from.

227. Facebook Ads

The leader in social advertising platforms, Facebook Ads Manager gives you a precise targeting option to select your audience based on demographic, interest, behavior, and more.

It also comes with flexibility in choosing your ads placement, such as the right sidebar, news feed, and both.

You can determine your advertising goal, like getting more website clicks, more likes, more post engagement, and etc.

To win big with Facebook ads, here are the steps:

  1. Craft your ad copy – Make it stand out with the catchy image, enticing description, and include an irresistible CTA.
  2. Precise targeting – Use Facebook Audience Insights to research and narrow down your targeting audience to make it more precise and laser-targeted.
  3. Split-test and optimize your ads – Measure the ads performance and split-test it to optimize the ad’s outcome.
  4. Scale up – Once you found your winner ads, scale up your budget to hit it hard.

228. Twitter Ads

Twitter ads is another awesome advertising platform to consider.

Because they’re still in their early stage and not as popular as Facebook…

…it’s a great time to get into it and take an advantage of the less-expensive traffic.

Start using Twitter ads to drive more traffic to your website now!

229. LinkedIn Ads

To reach more business and professionals, Linkedin ads is your ideal choice.

It may convert better than Facebook and Twitter…

…if you are offering professional services.

230. Instagram Ads

Since Facebook has acquired Instagram, now you can run Instagram ads with your Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram is a great platform to drive engagement, especially with its high-quality photo and video ads.

Check out this guide to get started on the Instagram ad.

231. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest’s Promoted Pins allows you to reach over 175 million monthly users on Pinterest.

When a user saves a Promoted Pin, other people will see that Pin in their feeds…

…which drives additional traffic to your website (more leads and sales).

Pinterest is an online catalog, unlike Facebook and Twitter – which the shared post and retweet get submerged in user’s news feed in days or hours…

…the saved Pins last forever, so your ads will continue to engage people for years.

As per Pinterest, advertisers receive an average of 20% more (free!) clicks in the month after launching a Promoted Pin campaign.

232. StumbleUpon Ads

(* Update 1/7/18: StumbleUpon is shutting down today)

To make StumbleUpon Ads works:

Your content has to be appealing to users to make them “stumble” your post ads.

Due to its nature – which users jump from one post to another rather quickly…

…use a catchy headline, interesting introduction, and enticing content is very important in making your ads goes viral.

If done right, It’s one of the cheapest places you can advertise online and get massive traffic to your site due to its potential to go viral.

233. Reddit Ads

With Reddit Ads, now you can advertise to one of the largest online community with a daily budget of $5 minimum.

Make sure you only target the subreddits related to your offer or content for more targeted reach.

Search Ads: Get Double-Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Search Ads

When users search for a keyword in the search engine – they are pre-qualified themselves as someone interested for that keyword…

…and when they click on your ads – they are double-qualified themselves as someone interested in what you are offering for that keyword.

Make sense?

With that being said, search ads are one of the highest quality of traffic you can get.

234. Google PPC Ads: Click My Ads Now!

Still waiting for SEO to kick in?

Why not use Google AdWords to get your website straight to the top of Google result.

234.adwords image


Note: Make sure you do your keyword research before starting the campaign.

235. Bing Ads: Best Google PPC Alternative

Want to try search ads in lower cost?

Use Bing Ads.

Even though it’s less known compared to Google, they still have hundreds of millions of searches per day.

Check out this resource to getting started with Bing Ads.

236. AdMarketplace: On-Site And In-App Search

Do you agree that:

Your target audience is not just searching on search engines…

…but also on sites and in apps.

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If you are running a florist business, your target audience could be searching “florist” or other related terms in websites like Bloomberg.

By advertising on adMarketplace, here’s what your target audience going to see:

236 admarketplace ads image[/su_note]

It lets you broaden your ads to 165 million daily on-site and in-app searches.

Media Buy: Get Your Ads In Front Of Large Audiences

media buy huffpost image

Want to see your banners in large sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, and CNN?

Or display on niche sites for targeted traffic to your website?

It’s through media buy… and the cost is much lesser than you thought.

Before you get into this, you’ll first need to create some attractive banners to display.

Here’re some of the tips:

  • Minimum animation
  • Use arrows pointing to your CTA
  • Attractive graphic
  • Model the banners from large sites
  • Include a “hook” to get people to click your banner

Or just outsource it to professional designers here:

Get your banners done?

Let’s move on to get more eyeballs on your website.

237. Google Display Ads: The King Of Display Network

Google Display Ads let you tap into other two million websites that reach over 90% of people on the Internet…

…and that’s a lot of exposures you can get for your site.

You can select your targeting audiences based on keywords and topics, choose your ads placement, and show your ads on specific webpages.

238. Yahoo Gemini

Prefer lower cost alternative?

Yahoo Gemini.

It allows you to reach targeted audiences with lesser budget.

Try it before they become expensive!

239. BuySellAds: Your Ads Broker

BuySellAds is an advertising broker to connect small to large advertisers and publishers.

As an advertiser, you can shop in their ads marketplace to pick your ads spots.

Here’s how the marketplace looks like:

239. BuySellAds Marketplace image

For example:[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

If your offer is related to android, you may consider androidcentral (under technology category).

239. Technology category image

And here’s the placement and pricing you can choose from:

239. Ads Placement and price image[/su_note]

Once payment made – Ads goes live – Easy as 1-2-3.

240. SiteScout: Real Time Bidding

SiteScout real time bidding technology allows you to buy individual impressions at the most efficient price available – milliseconds before the ad is served.

It’s a self-serve advertising platform, which gives you full control on your ads campaigns.

Here’s how the dashboard looks like:

240. Sitescount inside view image

Inside, you can create campaigns, ads groups, configure campaign setting, and select the sites you want in their huge inventory.

240. Sitescount inventory image

However, the platform required a minimum $500 to get started.

241. Advertise.com

Need a more cheaper alternative?

Try Advertise.com, an online advertising network since 2012.

Content Ads image

When advertising on content discovery networks:

The title is King; The image is Queen; The content is Prince.

Because your title is the one who gets the audience to click on your ads…

…the next is an image, and nobody will ever read your content if the title or image is not appealing to them.

Here’s how to content ads look like in USA TODAY’s sidebar:

Content recommendation image

And at the end of the post:

Content recommendation below post image

241. Taboola

As the world’s largest content discovery platform:

Taboola allows you to display content like articles and videos on sites like USA TODAY, BBC, NBC News, and more publishers in their network.

If you have great content that you want more people to see it, use Taboola.

242. Outbrain

Want to get your content recommended on premium sites including The Guardian, TIME, and CNN?

Use Outbrain… and get your contents distribute to the most relevant audiences.

With over 557 million global audience reaches each month from Outbrain…

…you’ll never run out of traffic to your content.

243. Revcontent

Revcontent is the fastest growing content discovery network which focuses on user experience, site quality, and more control and transparency in their platform.

They are pickier than the other networks in approving the publishers (which is good for advertisers)…

…some of their premium networks are International Business Times and The Christian Post.

With 250 billion content recommendations monthly and trusted by big brands…

…you should definitely give it a try.

Mobile Ads: Drive Mobile Traffic To Your Website

Mobile Ads image

Looking at the explosive growth of mobile ads:

It’s time to get into mobile advertising (if haven’t).

Mobile ad works very well in promoting your apps, games, products, or contents…

…but make use your page is mobile-optimized before you drive traffic to your website.

Here’re more advantages of mobile advertising:

  • Lower advertising cost
  • Higher amount of mobile users (compared to desktop)
  • Growing trend of online transactions through mobile phone

244. InMobi

Use InMobi to reach over 1.5 billion mobile users across 32,000+ mobile properties from Android, IOS, and Mobile Web.

Some of the ads format supported are a banner, video, interstitial, rich media, and content.

245. Adcolony

Adcolony is a premium video advertising network for IOS & Android which offer high-quality mobile experiences…

…through their wide range of ad formats such as Instant-Play™ HD Video, 360° Video Display Ad Unit, and Dynamic End Card.

246. AdMob

AdMob is an advertising platform owned by Google Ad Network with cross-platform capability for IOS, Android, Unity, and Cocos2d-x.

The ad formats supported are text ad, Image ad, HTML5 ad, and Video ad.

Retargeting Ads: Your Ad Is Everywhere!

Retargeting Ads image

Wondering how to increase website traffic at a lower cost?

Let me ask you…

Have you ever experienced that:

When you left a website…

…and you see the website ads everywhere you go.

You went to Facebook…saw their ads – you went to other websites like Forbes…saw their ads, too – again and again.

It’s retargeting (or remarketing) ads.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Users visit your website
  2. You drop a cookie in their browser
  3. Whenever they go to any website under the ad network
  4. They’ll see your ads

You can send them back to the page they’ve visited, or a brand new page.

Best part?

It’s cheaper than normal ads (yet very effective).

Most people need multiple impressions before they make a decision to buy something…

…and this is why retargeting is so powerful.

247. Google Remarketing

To get started with Google Remarketing (or any other retargeting platform), first you need to paste a small code (or pixel tag) in your webpage…

…so that when users visit your site, they will be placed into a custom list for the retargeting campaign.

248. Adroll

Adroll is another powerful retargeting platform to amplify your website traffic in a fraction of the cost.

Since the retargeting ad is performance based (only charge when the ad is served)…

…you can run your retargeting campaign on 2 or more advertising platforms.

249. Facebook Retargeting

If you’re running Facebook ads, why not combine it with retargeting as well?

People may not perform the action you want during the first time they’re visited your site…

…with Facebook Retargeting, you can keep remarketing to them to complete the action.

Sponsored Ads image

One quick and effective way to expand your reach is to leverage on other bloggers and marketers audiences through sponsored ads.

Before you make a deal:

Make sure the blogger or marketer is reputable with engaging audience in your target niche…

…so that you can drive responsive and targeted traffic to your website through them.

250. Sponsored Banner Ads

There are many niche blogs, forums, and websites offered sponsored banner ad spaces on their sites.

Search for the high-quality niche sites and email them to make a sponsored deal for a week or month – to test the traffic.

If the traffic quality is good, book for another month or more to get consistent traffic to your website.

Sometimes, you can find an inexpensive deal which sends high converting traffic to your site.


251. Sponsored Newsletter Ads

Know any bloggers or marketers in your niche with huge email list?

Offer them a sponsored newsletter ads (or solo ads) to promote your website or offer to their email subscribers.

Then, watch your website traffic to surge on the ads scheduled day.

You can pay them based on per broadcast (depends on the number of email subscribers and average email open rate), or per click (use tracker to track).

This kind of promotions can be very targeted and effective because the email sender is someone they trusted and followed…

…so the conversion rate is usually higher compared to other text ads or display ads.

252. Sponsored Thank You Page

Another way to get highly targeted traffic is by featuring your website (or offer) on others’ thank you page.

Because those people are just signed up (or purchased a product), so they are still in the mood to find out more from that blogger or marketer…

…if they see your website (or offer) as a recommendation, most likely they will check it out.

253. Sponsored Post

There are a bunch of bloggers in different niches that offered sponsored post as one of their income streams.

Once you found a high-quality blog with contents related to what you offered, check out the site’s data like monthly traffic using SimilarWeb

…if the data looks good, pay them to write a post about your offer and website.

254. Acquire Someone’s List

When you stumble upon a site or blog related to your niche that is no longer active (but with email list)…

…reach out to the site’s owner and offer to buy over their email list.

Because the owner already abandoned the list, so you may acquire it at a very good price and promote your website to them.

Video Ads: Boost Your Brand & Website Traffic

Video Ads image

Have an interesting video to grab your audience attention?

Let’s dive into video advertising to increase your site’s exposure and build your brand awareness.

255. Youtube Video Ads

With Youtube Advertising, you only pay when someone clicks your video ad…

…and if they skip it before 30 seconds (or the end), you pay nothing – free video views.

So even they skipped your video ads (after 5 seconds), your brand message will still embed into their mind – and it’s free.

256. DailyMotion Video Ads

DailyMotion is another powerful video advertising platform with more variety of ad formats to meet your need.

Besides, you can also reach more audiences through its private video exchange network to scale your campaign.

257. YuMe

YuMe is a programmatic video buying technology platform that allows advertisers to reach multi-screen video audiences through their network.

Its technologies allow them to collect their audiences data and serve the best matched with your ads to ensure the highest quality of traffic.

Marketplace Ads: Drive Commercial-Intent Traffic

marketplace ads image

When people go to the marketplace like Amazon and eBay, most likely they are looking to buy something – commercial-intent.

If you have something for them to buy (or sign up), consider placing some ads on these marketplaces to drive commercial-intent traffic to your website.

This kind of traffic is easier to convert because of their ready budget and intention to purchase.

258. Amazon Ads

With Amazon Advertising, you’re not limited to promote the products listed on Amazon…

…but also the products and services not sold on Amazon to drive traffic to your own website for further action.

Amazon Advertising also allows you to reach your ideal audience with their insights based on 20 years+ of observed shopping behaviors.

For instance:

If you are promoting books, they will show your ads to the customers who frequently browsed the books categories and purchased books.


259. eBay Ads

eBay is one of the world’s largest and most vibrant marketplaces that offered advertising solution.

Advertise with eBay allows you to reach an audience who look like your current customers – through their rich data science and shop-alike modeling.


More paid marketing image

Need more paid marketing methods?

Here’re few more ways you can use to drive more traffic to your website.

260. Sponsor An Activity

If you found any blogs or websites that are looking for sponsors to run a contest or activity related to your niche…

…sponsor them and have your website link feature on their sites.to increase your site’s exposure and get the visitors to your website.

261. Pay Writers For Article

There are tons of writers looking for opportunities to make money from writing for a website.

When you start paying writers for article, you can reach out to websites that list out the sites that pay writers…

…and get them to include your website in their lists.

Once included, you’ll get a lot of traffic to your website from their high-traffic lists.

262. Be A Testimonial

Use a company’s (or individual’s) product or service and tell them your story of using their product or service.

If it’s a great testimonial for them, they will feature on their website and give a link back to your website.

263. Pay For A Feature Link

Feature link is another way to get referral traffic to your website.

For instance:

Cool Site of the Day allows you to submit your site and be seen by thousands of new visitors on their website.

264. Paid Website Review

Get other websites or bloggers to review your site and post it on their sites.

You can use 3rd party platform to find the webmasters or bloggers who offered sponsored reviews.

Local Media Ads: Get Direct Traffic From Local Exposure

Local Media Ads

Local media is still a viable way to get tons of exposure to your website.

Give it a try.

265. Radio Ads

Do you have something for local radio listeners?

If yes, reach out to local radio stations to book for a slot that talks about something relevant to your website or offer.

For instance:

Get the DJ to promote your website and offer during a talk show in your niche to drive a large amount of targeted traffic to your site.

266. TV Ads

As of now, there are still many people watch TV, if you have something for them…

…run a TV ad to showcase your website and offer to increase brand awareness.

Since the ads show multiple times in a month, you can expect a consistent traffic to your website.

267. Run Ads On Local Magazine

Place an ad on local magazines relevant to your niche can greatly increase your site’s exposure in front of their large readers.

Find and contact some niche magazines to insert your ads on their next issues.

Tip: Ask is there any remainder advertising (last minute deal for unused ad space) for a steep discount.

If the readers are interested in what you offer, they will check out your website for more details.

268. Place Ads On Local Newspaper

Pay for a slot in local newspapers to include your ads and website link for few days or weeks to boost your brand awareness…

…and get qualified visitors to your website.

If they type your website URL manually to come and find you, it means they are really interested on what you are offering.

Drive More Traffic With Local Events

Local event conference image

Local events are another great medium to massively increase your site’s exposure and get more people to know about your website.

269. Sponsor Local Conferences & Events

Find local conferences and events in your niche (or relevant to what you’re doing)…

…and offer them your sponsorship.

The participants will then see the list of sponsors and may check out your website to know more you (or your company).

270. Host A Local Conference

Want to get the highly targeted audience to know about your name, website, and offer?

Host a local conference and invite all the like-minded people to join the conference for networking.

To create more buzz to the conference, invite some well-known speakers to attend the conference…

…and get them to promote to their audiences with exclusive ticket discount.

When more people know about your website, you’ll get more traffic as well.

271. Host An In-Person Event

Book a hotel conference room or private studio to host an in-person event related to your niches such as meetup and workshop.

Invite some of the experts in your industry to attend the event to boost credibility and attract more participants.

During the event, you can give a presentation about your offer and website…

…and network with them to discuss a specific topic in your niche.

Offline Advertising: Drive Website Traffic Via Offline

Offline Advertising image

Want to test out some offline methods to increase your website traffic?

Try these…

272. Distribute Flyers

Print flyers about your offer and get a local flyers distribution service to distribute for you.

Include your website link in the flyers to get them to visit your website for more details.

273. Direct Mail Marketing

Print leaflets and distribute it to your target audience through direct mailing.

Include some special offer or interesting topic as a call-to-action to get them check out your site.

Here’s the guide for a direct mailing campaign.

274. Advertise On Outdoor Promotion Space

Search for inexpensive outdoor promotion space or billboard in a high-traffic area and place your ads to boost your site’s exposure.

Make sure your website link is big enough for drivers and pedestrians to see from a distance.

Use services like OutdoorBillboard.com to find and rent a billboard for your ad.

275. Send Brochures In Shipments

Print some nice brochures (with special deal & your website link) and include it in every shipment you send out to your customers or prospects…

…to bring some traffic to your website.

If you have any friends that are doing the same as you, team up with them for cross-promotion – you include their brochures in your shipments; they include yours in their shipments.

More Paid Ideas To Increase Website Traffic

more paid idea image

Need more creative ideas to drive traffic through offline methods?

Here’re few ways worth trying out…

276. Give Away T-Shirt

Make high-quality T-shirt with your brand & website and give it away for free.

When people wear your T-shirt and walk around at their workplaces, towns, and streets…

…your brand and website will get a lot of new eyeballs and free promotion.

Go for high quality and comfortable T-shirt (eg: American Apparel) so that people will actually wear it out and promote for you.

Use T-shirt printing & fulfillment services like startupthreads and babylontee to ease your work.

277. Create Business Cards With Website Link

Print business cards with your website link on it and give it away during meetup, conferences, and any kind of in-person opportunities…

…to send them to your website to know more about you (and your business).

278. Use Branded Laptop Stickers

Apply some stickers (branded with your brand and website link) to your laptop…

…and use it anywhere you go.

Some people may curious and search for it to find what is it about – extra traffic to your website with little work.

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[Maintenance Stage] Maintain & Scale Up Your Traffic

Maintain and Scale up image

Do you want your website traffic like riding a roller coaster?


Everyone wants consistent website traffic and increasing steadily over the time – not up and down in large scale.

Keep driving traffic to your website blindly is not a wise strategy in long term.

One of the keys to website success is identifying what’s working, and do more.

In the maintenance stage, this is what you’re going to do:

To make your website traffic consistent, and scale it up steadily.

Review, Analyze & Optimize Your Website Traffic

review analyze optimize image

To maintain and scale up your website traffic, first, you need to know your current state.

You need to know what works, and what doesn’t – to manage your time efficiently on stuff that are working.

So…you’ve to constantly analyze your website traffic – to review and optimize your traffic plan and strategy.

279. Find Out What Your Audience Like

Review your website traffic with Google Analytics and analyze which content gets the most views, likes, and shares.

Go to Report -> “BEHAVIOR” -> “Site Content” -> “All Pages”.

279. GA report image

If you found a certain type of content is preferred by your audience…

…then publish more contents of that type to get more traffic to your website.

Also, since content title is one of the factors that contribute to total views…

…split-test it with different titles to see which one attract the most attention.

280. Find Out Which Keywords Performed (SEO)

Look into your Google Analytics and review what keywords are rank on search engines and bring in the most organic traffic…

…and optimize it for more long-tail keyword opportunities with tools like Semrush, KW finder, and Long Tail Pro.

Also, check the keywords that are rank on 2nd page onward…

…and optimize your content with the keywords to push it up higher in search engines.

Make it a monthly plan to review and optimize all the keywords for SEO to increase your website traffic organically.

Don’t forget to split-test your meta title tag and description to improve your organic CTR and traffic.

281. Find Out Which Traffic Sources Works

In your Google Analytics Dashboard, look for “Acquisition” -> “All Traffic” -> “Source/Medium”.

281. GA referral traffic

Check which traffic sources bring the most traffic to your website.

If social networks send you the most traffic, then invest more efforts in your social media marketing; if it’s niche forum, then spend more of your time on forum marketing.

Likewise, don’t waste your time on traffic sources with little or no outcome…

…you only have 24 hours a day, put it on something that working for you.

282. Find Out Which Ads Convert

If you’re running paid ads, or you’re posting free ads…

…remember to constantly split-test your ad campaigns such as the images, headlines, descriptions, and call-to-action…

…to find out the one with the highest conversion (winner).

You can use the in-house split-testing feature (for some paid advertising platforms), or tracking tools like ClickMagick (for free advertising & any others without in-house split-test feature).

Learn how to do split-testing with ClickMagick here.

More Ideas For Your Next “Traffic Generating” Content

Next content ideas image

Because traffic generation strategy starts before (or while) creating your content…

…so it’s time to figure out your next “traffic generating” content to keep your website up with consistent traffic.

Here’re few ways to generate solid content ideas for your upcoming post.

283. Create A “Best Of The Best” List

If a content can be a called “best”, it means it’s great, useful, and more importantly – people love it.

As a sure-fire content strategy:

Make a compilation of your best contents like best online marketing tips, best traffic generation strategies, and best SEO tactics.

You can also search for the great contents from other websites and make a compilation of their best articles on a specific topic.

284. Survey Your Audience

Survey is still the most effective way to gather accurate information on what your audience is struggle with, and what they really want.

It’s essential to produce great topic ideas and high engagement content that straight to their pain point (or problem).

You can run a survey easily with tools like SurveyMonkey, Google form, and PollDaddy.

285. Create A Reader Roundup Post

Ask your readers for tips or insight on a specific topic…

…then publish a roundup post and let them know their contributions.

They will be surprised (and feel great) as their voices are being honored and appeared in the post.

Not only they’ll engage with the post but also share it out happily.

286. Gather Post Ideas From Readers

Broadcast an email to your subscribers and ask them to reply with 1 topic idea for your upcoming post.

Then… group the similar one and start writing on the most suggested topic.


What To Do Next: To Increase Website Traffic Steadily

What to do next to increase website traffic steadily image

Follow these methods to maintain and scale up your website traffic – slowly but surely.

287. Look For Syndicate Opportunities

Wondering where else can you syndicate your content for more website traffic?

Email your readers or ask in your social networks to figure out the websites your audiences go to.

You may discover some golden places or ideas to promote your content.

Then, make a list of newly discovered sites…

…and reach out to them for syndication opportunities to reach more audiences.

288. Reverse-Engineer The Links Of Other Sites

Research other website’s inbound links to find referencing opportunities (websites that link out to similar contents as yours)…

…and outreach to them to let them know about your content.

If they linked out to the contents similar as yours, it’s likely they will link to you as well (if the quality is great).

If they like your article, you may score some quality inbound links…

…which increases your website referral traffic from their sites.

Use a links research tool like Semrush to do the job.

Step 1: Paste your target URL in the explorer (Domain Analytics -> Backlinks) and hit “Check it”.

288. semrush tutorial image

Step 2: Under “Backlinks” tab, click the individual links to check the sources.

288. semrush tutorial 2 image

Step 3: If suitable, email the site owners and let them know about your content

289. Setup Autoresponder To Nurture Your Leads

Your email list is one of the sources that give you fast and consistent traffic.

But you have to communicate and build a relationship with them to keep your list responsive.

If not…it will become a “dead” list after some time.

Set up an autoresponder with ConvertKit to strategically send out your great contents and promotions to your subscribers automatically.

This will ensure that your subscribers won’t miss out any important content and message from you…

…and keep them engaged at the same time.

Also, make sure you include a call-to-action in some of the emails to get them visit your website.

290. Refresh & Update Old Contents

This is like giving a new life to old contents while getting more traffic to your website.

Find the old contents and update them by adding more information (to make it better) and replace any outdated information with up-to-date content (to make it stay relevant).

People like fresh contents.

Same as Google.

Updated contents also improve user experience, which benefits to SEO – more organic traffic to your website.

291.Publish More Contents

The concept is simple:

Unless your content receives 0 views (which is something wrong), otherwise, more contents will always lead to more traffic for your website.

By publishing more contents, you also increase your chances to rank on Google with more keyword opportunities – more organic traffic to your website.

So, increase your post frequency while keeping the quality of the contents.

Expand Your Network For More Traffic Opportunities

Networking image

There’s no harm to let more people know about you right?

When more people know more you (and your website), it means the chances for them to discover your contents is higher…

…and more opportunities for them to share your posts, which leads to more traffic to your contents.

292. Make More Friends On Social Networks

Use Facebook Search to find your target audience:

Login to your Facebook (PC version), click “Profile” -> “Friends” -> “+ Find Friends”.

292. find facebook friends

Let’s say you are targeting real estate broker:

On the right sidebar, enter your target audience employer (eg: The Corcoran Group, a real estate firm), and send your friend request to all the real estate brokers.

292. find facebook friends 2 image

You can also find your target audience from the relevant Facebook Group and Facebook Page (look for people who liked, shared, or commented on a post).

Don’t do it excessively to avoid the warning and block from Facebook, do it slowly (20-25 requests per day) and max out your friend limit of 5,000.

To speed up the process, put an “Add me on Facebook” message on your website.

Let’s say you’ve 4,500 friends in your niche, so whenever you share an article on your Facebook timeline, a portion of this targeted audience will see your content.

Do the similar for other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+.

It’s a free and easy way to get your content in front of thousands of targeted audience – again and again.

293. Make Friends With Community Members

Visit the forums, communities, and discussion boards relevant to your niche…

…and engage with the users actively to build a relationship.

Some of these communities will allow you to follow a user or send a friend request to the member – do it.

The more active you are, the more traffic you get.

294. Make Friends With Bloggers

Visit blogs in your niche to read their contents and engage with them in the comment.

The key here is consistency.

If you comment on every post of a blog, the blogger will recognize you, and more likely to check out your content when received your outreach email.

295. Become An Expert

By becoming a go-to person in your niche, people will search for you and visit your website to learn more from you – without you ask for it.

There’s no overnight shortcut to achieve this, but you can do these to speed up the process:

  • Publish more high-quality contents
  • Help more people to solve their problems
  • Networking with people or influencers in your industry
  • Look for opportunities to get featured in large publications

Personal Note On Getting More Website Traffic

Personal note to increase website traffic steadily image

Here’re some personal things to get more traffic in the long run.

296. Don’t Be Shy

To make more people know about you and your website, you need to be proactive in the communities to network with people.

Don’t be shy and keep quiet on your own website or blog – and hope someone will come and find you.

This is not going to happen!

So step out, join conversations, ask questions, and engage with other people.

Let the online world know about your existence.

297. Invest In Your Education

The Internet world is always changing – If you don’t move forward, you’ll be left behind.

If you want to know how to write great content, learn it.

If you want to know how to increase website traffic, learn it.

If you want to know how to improve your website SEO, learn it.

If you want to master something, you’ll need to invest in your education first…

…to develop knowledge, skills and correct mindset.

Invest in your education and become the expert in your field.

298. Have Fun

A blog (or website) is a medium to transfer your information, messages, and emotions.

If the author (you) feel like drudgery or boring to write a content for your readers, they will notice it.

And when you write with excitement, directly from your heart, your readers will feel it and more likely to follow you.

So, enjoy your time and have fun with your blog or website!

299. Don’t Give Up

You probably heard this everywhere…

…but this is very true, in this industry.

A lot of bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs gave up too early and forgot that consistency is the key to success in this world.

Even if you already in this world for months, published countless of posts, and yet to see any result…

…it doesn’t mean you won’t success tomorrow, right?

299. GA stats

Your blog (or website) might be found and featured by large publications, one of your posts went viral, many people start mentioning your site, and your website starts receiving thousands of visitors every single month.

Who knows?

Increase website traffic is not a rocket science, it takes time, perseverance, and consistent efforts.

But one thing for sure, once you give up, you’ll never see this happen.





300. Pray

I don’t know whether you believe in God or not…

…or what religion you believe in…

…it’s always a good idea to pray (after you do your job).

To gain strength, intelligence, and blessing from the higher power.

“Do your best, and let God do the rest.”

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Your Action Plan: To Increase Website Traffic Now!

Step 1: Bookmark this page – and come back whenever you need traffic.

Step 2: Complete the Preparation Stage.

Step 3: Pick 3 free traffic sources and go for it. One at a time.

Step 4: Optional (pick 1-2 paid traffic sources and start small).

Step 5: Go through the Maintenance Stage.

Step 6: Sign up the 30 days traffic domination email course (free).



You’ve just gone through numerous ways to drive traffic to your website.

Here’s the thing:

These traffic generation strategies work, but you have to take action to make it works for you.

After you applied some of these strategies in practice, you’ll be able to generate a lot of traffic to your website.

Again and again.

What’s your favorite traffic generation strategy?

Or did I missed any effective ways to increase website traffic?

Either way, let me know in the comment below.

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