5 Easy Steps To Make Money Online In 72 Hours [Ultimate Guide]

how to make money online fast

Are you sick and tired of your work?

I understand, being a slave of money is painful and devastating.

That explains why everyone “wish” to escape from the rat race.

But, the path seems to be thorny and the destination is out of sight.

“What should I do?”

A troubling thought, isn’t it?

Want to know how to make money online fast so that you can live a better life?

It sounds hard and unachievable for most people…

…But surprising, it’s easier than you think.

The process is mind-blowing and makes you feel the exhilaration of victory.

It skyrockets your fortune, transforming you into the rich, and achieve self-reliant.

How to make money online fast guide image

I don’t know how you feel about getting to choose what you want to do, when you want to do, and where you want to.

But to me, it’s resulted in a life of deep fulfillment, financial security, and complete freedom.

Imagine yourself earning more than enough money to live life on your term, while spending just a few hours per week on work.

You can travel around the world, spend your precious time with loved one and enjoy your wonderful life.

Sound like a dream right?


Now, you’re standing in front of the entrance to your dream, and the key is in your hand.

Are you going to open it?

If the answer is yes, this guide is for you – Who, want to make money online.

“But wait, I thought make money online is the biggest hoax in the earth?”

Yes, this industry is full of scams, so you need to be vigilant, to not fall into the trap of greed.

In this guide, I will share with you one simple yet potent model to build a long term online business.

The business model is called affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money Online Fast With Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing 2

As definition:

“Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing in which you earn a commission by promoting other company’s (or people’s) products.”

The process is simple,

You find a product, promote to others, and earn a commission for each sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Need more detail explanation?

Here is the process breakdown:

  1. You sign up as an affiliate for a company (or a person) to promote a specific product.
  2. The company (or person) provide you with a unique tracking link to the product sales page.
  3. You send a person to the unique tracking link (product sales page).
  4. The person buys the product within a specific period. (eg: within 60 days)
  5. The company (or person) pay you a commission based on the product price.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to:

  • Create your own product,
  • Setup your own support team, and
  • Deal with the merchant to collect payment.

It’s easier, simpler and faster to make money online.

Join WA (#1 affiliate community) to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make money with it.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

“Anytime, Anywhere, Whenever you like.”


With affiliate marketing, you’re able to achieve all these ultimate freedom most people can only dream of.

Who doesn’t like freedom?

With only a laptop/smartphone and internet connection, you can do it:

Anytime you want. – Morning, afternoon, night or midnight. Your call.

Anywhere you want. – Your home, café, beach or other countries. Your choice.

Whenever you like. – If you feel like work, work. Otherwise, rest.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, let me tell you.

It’s real. 100%.

But, as a warning.

To reach that goal, you need to be truly serious and put in massive effort. Especially in the beginning.

It’s simple. But not that easy as you think.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme. The result may take time.

The steps are simple, but if you’re not serious, you’re wasting your time.

You are less likely to see any results.

And one tip for you.

Treat this as your business, NOT hobby!

Do it as your life depends on it.

Good news is,

You don’t need to be an expert to start making money.

Are you ready for your dream life?

Let’s start.

Disclosure: Some of the links are referral links, for which we’ll receive a small compensation if you buy from the link, at no additional cost to you. These are all products that I’ve verified/personal tested and highly recommended.

Day 1: Preparing: Your Journey To Make Money Online

Step #1: Product Hunting : The Start Of Your Business

How to find product in clickbank

Did you ever bought a product and found that it is total crap?

What’s your impression towards the seller?


And that’s how your buyers feel when you sell a crap product to them.

So, don’t ever do that.

If you picked a wrong product to promote, either of these scenarios may happen:

Nobody buys your product… or you left a bad impression to your buyer. (If they bought it)

No matter how tip-top your marketing is.

Pick a high quality product that people hunger to buy is the 1st step to make money online.

How to Identify a Good Product?

There’re few criteria to determine whether a product is good or bad.

Of course, you’re free to select any products you want to promote.

But, bear in mind that the product you choose will direct affect the outcome of your marketing.

Nobody like crappy products.


Here are the requirements:

  1. Have competition
  2. Have market demand
  3. Lucrative commission
  4. You can stand behind it 100%

1. Have competition

Many marketers made a big mistake by avoiding competition.

They thought, by dive into a market with less or no competition, it would be an easy win.

With no competitor, all the prospect will buy from you.

You’ll be a millionaire in less than a month.

But in reality?

It almost never happens.

Even if it’s a new innovative product in the market, people take time to adapt.

So, look for a product with competition.

If there’re many marketers promote a product, you may assume the product is converting for them,

Otherwise, they won’t even bother to promote it.

If a product is converting, it’s probably good and has demanded.

But got competitions, how?


Outperform your competitors by doing something different.

We’ll discuss more on this later.

2. Have market demand

More market demand implies more potential customers.

Before you settle down on a product, do make sure you’ve done your homework on market demand analysis.

Better, a market with ongoing demand for a longer period of time.

Like bodybuilding, a body builder is more likely to be interested in gym and fitness for years.

In another word, it means more repeat sales for you!

After all, who doesn’t like an evergreen market with repeat customers?

Here is a list of some market with proven ongoing demand:

  • Personal Development
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Building
  • Golf training
  • Dating
  • Wealth
  • Business
  • And much more.

Ask yourself:

What’re the things you are looking for?

How to lose weights after festive season?

How to be happier?

How to be financially free?

How to..?

You may found your passionate market in surprise.

Who knows?

3. Lucrative commission

You want to make money online aren’t you?

That’s the reason you’re here isn’t.

How about if I told you, by working hard, you’re able to make $1 to $10 a month consistently.

Sounds excited?

You must be kidding me.. Right?

Nobody will ever do that!

An extra few bucks a month won’t make your life better. Never!

Set yourself a minimum target for each product sold.

For products with monthly residual commission, use 5 times for the lifetime value.

Eg: $5/mo. x 6 =$30 per product sold.

The amount has to be realistic and not too low.

At least for the core product.

4. You can stand behind it 100%

Like above said, for every product you’ve decided to promote, you must be 100% believe in the product.

You knew the product features and benefits.

You knew the product is high quality.

You’re able to look at your prospect’s eyes and say: “This product is good.”

From your heart.

Digital or Physical?

Digital products including eBook, online training course, web subscription service, software, and etc.

In general, without physical form.

Physical products including CD/DVD, electronic device, apparels, supplements, cosmetics, and etc.

Need more idea? Go to Amazon.com, there’re tons of it.

So which one is easier to sell?

Physical product.


Because we’re used to buying physical products since a kid.

Features ok.

Specifications ok.

Appearance ok.

Price ok.


On the flipside,

Digital products need more efforts in convincing prospect to buy.

As people are more willing to pay for something they can touch, physically.

But, aside from this, I see no reason to go against digital products.

If you ask me, I’ll definitely recommend digital products.

For 3 reasons:


By selling digital products, you’ve virtually unlimited stocks. No stock keeping issue, no out of stock problem.


For every digital sale, there’s no fulfillment is require. More time for you.


Do you know that you can make 30-80% commission from single digital product sale? Compared to 3-10% for physical product.

Wondering why so much? Because the cost is zero or very low. What is the cost of an ebook?

Am I saying you need to choose one of them?


Focus on digital products and recommends physical products when appropriate.

Where to Look for Products?

For a physical product, just sign up Amazon Associates Program and you’re able to earn up to 10% advertising fees by promoting their huge range of products.

Notes: As per Amazon Associates requirements, you’ll need a website and made your first referral in order for Amazon to review your application.

Anyway, since our primary focus is digital products, just on hold for this first.

For a digital product, there’re dozens of digital marketplace and website for you to promote their products.

To mention a few, Clickbank, JVZoo, and Shareasale are some of the famous marketplaces.

While for the individual website (or company), it just too many to list here.

As a beginner, you may start with Clickbank because there’s no requirement to sign up as an affiliate.

You can do it right now.

How to Identify Good Product from Clickbank Marketplace (Basic)

ClickBank-Internet Retailer

It’s easy to sign up for Clickbank affiliate and start promoting their products.

You can complete the application in few minutes.

Without further ado,

Here’re the steps:

Step 1: Click here to sign up ClickBank

Sign up for ClickBank

Fill up all the details to complete the application.

Once done, login here with your username and password.

Step 2: Start your product searching in Clickbank marketplace


Click ‘Marketplace’ to start picking your product from 23 different categories.

2.promote a product

If you would like to promote a product, simply click the “Promote” button and select “Create” from the pop-up window.

3.clickbank aff link

This would be your unique affiliate link for the product. When a person clicks your affiliate link and purchased the product, you will be paid.

Step 3: Perform simple pre-stage filtering

Still remember the requirements for good product?

Here you go:

  1. Have competition
  2. Have market demand
  3. Lucrative commission
  4. You can stand behind it 100%

Let’s look at the stats provided by Clickbank for each product.

Clickbank stats

Initial $/sale : Average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale of this product

Avg %/sale : Average percentage of commission you’ll be getting for each sale

Avg Rebill Total: Average amount an affiliate makes on all of the rebilled sales, not including the initial sale. (For product with recurring payment like membership site)

Avg %/rebill : Average commission rate earned only on rebills

Grav : The number of affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. High gravity means the product is being promoted by many affiliates and making a good number of sales. However, it also indicates there will be more competition.

These stats will give you some idea about the product’s competition, market demand, and commission.

But this is not enough, let’s move on further.

Step 4: Perform further product review

For every product that passes the pre-stage filtering,

Visit the product sales page as you’re the prospect and ask:

  • Is the sales video attractive enough to you?
  • Is your buying emotion being evoked?
  • Do you get sold from the sales letter?
  • Do you feel like you want to buy it?

Next, you may proceed to buy the product to check the quality.

Or, request a review copy from the product vendor.

Since you’re interested in promoting their product,

Some product vendors are happy to send you the review copy – at no cost to them.

You may write a simple email like:

“Dear product vendor of xxx,

My name is xx, I’m thinking of making a review for your product and recommend it to my subscribers.

With that, I would like to request a review copy from you.

My Clickbank id is xxx

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.”

A good product is part of the success formula, which directly affects your business outcome.

Thus, spend some time and do your homework.

Pick a product that you believe can make you financially better.

But don’t stick here for days.

Most people don’t find their perfect product the first few attempts.

The idea here is to get your feet wet.

Assignment for success:

  1. Shortlist 2-5 products based on the Clickbank’s stats
  2. Visit each product sales page and resources centre for more details
  3. Pick 1 main product to be promoted later


Step #2: Blueprint Planning : Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign Blueprint Planning

First question, do you have a product to promote?

If not, go back to step #1 until you find a product.

If yes, let’s move on to create your first marketing campaign worksheet.

For 3 benefits:

  1. Understand your product better.
  2. Understand your prospect better.
  3. Make your marketing campaign better.

Not only that, this worksheet will be used for the rest of the steps.

To start, download here. (*If you can’t open the file, you may download adobe reader)

Next, complete the worksheet.

It’s time to stretch your brain muscle.

But don’t worry. It just a warm up exercise.

Remember – if you want to be strategic in your marketing, you’ve to do something people don’t do.

By doing this exercise, you’re able to view a clearer picture of your overall marketing messages.

Let’s start.

Write down 3-5 benefits of your product on the worksheet.

A product can’t be sold without a customer.  And to be sold, a product must produce some benefits to its customer. Agree?

Think about – what’re the main benefits of your product?

Features? Competitive advantages?

For example, you’re promoting a program called lose weight in 30 days without diet. (I use weight loss as example simply because they’re easier for most people to relate to)

The benefits could be:

  • Lose weight without diet – Good news for those who hard to control diet
  • Lose weight in just 30 days – Everyone like faster result
  • Step by step guide with instructions, simple to follow – You’re guided along the way
  • 24 hours live support – You get help whenever you need

Give yourself 5-10 minutes here.

Moving forward, answer these questions.


Question 1: Who are your ideal customer?

You can’t sell to anyone.

This is truth.

Let’s face it.

Time is money, so don’t waste time on those who will never or less likely to buy your product.

Instead, spend time and think about your ideal customer – who want to buy your product.

Using back the same example,

Your ideal customer could be: A women, 25-35 years old, struggling to lose weight, sick and tired of being called “fat”, and hard to control diet.

Now, your turn. In 5 minutes.


Question 2: What are the challenges your ideal customer are facing? (Which can be solved by your product)

Picture yourself as your ideal customer and think –What makes you frustrating? Why did you fail? What’s the reason you haven’t succeed?

Understand their struggle, their feeling.

As per my example, the challenges would be: Tried many big promise weight loss products but no result. No true step by step guidance in losing weight. Very hard to control diet.

By knowing your ideal customer challenges,

You can straight to their pain and help them from there.

Write yours now. In 5-10 minutes.


Question 3: What values can you provide to your ideal customer for their trust?

At this stage, you already know your product and your ideal customer. (I assumed)

So if you bring your ideal customer to the product sales page, what will happen?

Will they buy?

The solution provided by the product is exactly what they’re facing right now!

They’re going to buy the product! Right? Common sense.

However, reality is cruel.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen.

If not most of the time.

But why..?


They don’t trust you.

Same for the product you recommended to them.

Of course, it could due to other reasons like pricing.

But trust does play a vital role in the selling process.

No doubts.

One simple way to build trust is – Provide value.

The more value you committed, the more trust you gained.

For my example product: weight loss in 30 days without diet

Here’re some of the topics that I can provide value to my ideal customer (In sequence):

  1. My personal story on weight loss – how this one decision changes my life.
  2. Top 5 myths about weight loss – You NEED to know this!
  3. How to become a master in lose weight – 5 Things to focus on.
  4. How to lose weight in a short period of time – Formula explained.

First I started the communication with my own personal story in weight loss journey. From struggling to finally see some result, by just one decision made. (People like your story)

Next, I share to them the top 5 myths about weight loss that may hold them back for success, or make them fail.

Following, I discuss about what they should be focusing on to become a master in losing weight.

Last, I sum up everything and share about the formula to lose weight in a short period of time without the need of dieting, by using a program called lose weight in 30 days without diet.

No hard selling, only pure value and recommendation.

Your turn,

Write down 3-5 topics that you can provide value to your ideal customer. (Just topic will do)

Question 4: What are the hook that you can use to attract your ideal customer?

A hook is a statement that use to catch your prospect attention.

In other words – A big promise.

The keyword is irresistible.

To surround them with hope.

To make them listen to you.

Here’re some of the hooks I may use:

  1. Breaking News! A proven step by step program to lose weight without diet.
  2. How to lose weight in just 30 days – Without the NEED of diet.
  3. Do you want to lose weight without diet? And in only 30 days?
  4. Learn exactly how to lose weight without diet in just 30 days – step by step guide.

And much more.

Now, look at your worksheet – the product benefits, your ideal customer challenges,

And write about 3-5 hook.


Assignment for success:

  1. Complete your marketing campaign worksheet
  2. Review your worksheet answer

Day 2: Setting Up: Be Ready To Make Money Online

Step #3: Tools Setup : Get Ready For Your Business

Tools setup

Now, you’ve a product to promote, and a worksheet for your marketing campaign.

It’s time to start setting up your business gears to build your internet business empire.

Just like if you’re starting a local business,

You’ll need a signage, a place and some tools right?

This is exactly the same for online business.

But with lower cost, shorter setup time, reach out to more people, and able to control from anywhere in the world (with the internet).

Best part?

This business is fun!

Let’s set it up to start making money online.

Setup Your Business Signage & Place – Domain & Hosting

In a nutshell, the domain name is your business signage, and hosting is your business space.

With domain and hosting, you’re able to build a website.


How to sign up a domain & hosting from SiteGround:

Hosting is just like renting an online space to run your business.

It is crucial to choose a reliable hosting service provider to host your entire business on the web.

The website speed, feature, support, user-friendliness and pricing are the main factors to be considered.

Personally, when come to hosting, SiteGround has never let me down.

And they can certainly serve you well too.

Step 1: Sign up SiteGround with 70% OFF

1.Get Siteground Plan image

I recommend GrowBig plan as it can host unlimited domains.

Step 2: Select your preferred domain name

2.Register domain image

Pick your package and billing cycle according to your affordability.

3.Select tenure image

Uncheck all the additional services, unless you really need it.

In few minutes time, you’ll receive an email with your hosting details from SiteGround. Copy or write it down on your notepad for later use.

Let’s continue.

Let’s proceed.

Setup Your #1 Business Tool (Email Service Provider)

Amateur marketer will straight away present the product to prospect and hope they will buy it.

But chances are, they don’t.

If fact, most people won’t buy the first time they saw. Unless they have a relationship with you. (We’ll talk more about this later)

A better marketer knew it and will not make the mistake.

Are you an Amateur marketer? No. I assumed.

After all, you have to be strategic in your marketing to make a sustainable income.

Now, since you knew that most of the prospect won’t buy the first time they saw the offer, what’re you going to do?

Sing your favourite song?

Let it go ~ Let it go ~ ..

Hey! Definitely NOT right?!

The correct answer is..


Most importantly, their email address.

So even they didn’t take any action in the first contact, you’re still able to connect with them in the future. Again and again.

You can build a relationship with them.

You can sell them the same product again, or offer a new product, if relevant.

By capturing their contact information.

You’re in fact, building a list of subscribers which will become your biggest asset in the future.

No matter you’re just starting or running a small campaign, you’ve to build your list. Always.

Never skip this step, or else you’ll regret – Confirmed.

It’s no doubts the best way to make money online consistently.

To capture your prospects, you need a tool called Autoresponder.

It allows you to capture your prospect’s email address and name in a database that you can access anytime you want.

You can broadcast your messages, products to thousands of subscribers in seconds. You can even automate the whole process.

Thanks to technology – there’re many email service provider in the market, you may use any of those…

But I highly recommend Getresponse, considering their features and affordable pricing.


How to sign up with Getresponse

Step 1: Get your 30 days free trial here (No credit card is required)

Sign up for Getresponse

Enter your email address and password to sign up.

Step 2: Check your mailbox for the activation email from Getresponse

Activate getresponse email

Open the email and click “ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT”

Step 3: Complete your account details to activate your free account

Getresponse SMS actiation

After you complete the form, click “Activate free trial” and enter your mobile number to receive the verification code.

Wait for a while..

Check your phone and enter the 6 digit verification code received and click “Verify”. Next, click “Go To Dashboard” to access your Getresponse account.

GR dashboard

Tadaa! You see that?!

This is the dashboard of your list asset manager.

You have whole access to your subscribers from here. You can send them a newsletter, promotion or personal message at any time.

But mind you, they have the option to unsubscribe from your list whenever they want to, so don’t abuse them, like spamming.

Instead, make use of it to communicate with your subscribers, understand their need, provide value to them, and build up the relationship.

Previously we talk about some people don’t buy from you because they don’t have any relationship with you, even though they’re interested in the product.

Thus, by building up the relationship and trust through email communication, they will buy from you the next time you offer to them. The very same product.

Think about this,

Is it more likely for you to buy a product from a stranger?

Or a product recommended by your trustworthy friend?

Obviously, the latter.

I even bet you’ll buy from your friend for a simple recommendation like “This product is good”,

Compared to a stranger’s long storytelling, testimonials and product details report.

The power of Trust and Relationship.

Last but not least,

You’re able to offer different products to them, again and again as long as they stay on your list.

Best part?


It doesn’t cost you a dime to send an email right?

There are still some works need to be done here. But to make sure everything are congruent, we will move on to next task first and come back later.

Setup Your Business Front Door – Landing Page

Landing page (or Opt-in page) is a one-page website with the sole purpose to capture visitor details. – Mostly email address and name.

It has to be attractive enough to the visitor for them to enter their information. (I’m not talking about graphic, but the marketing messages and lead magnet offered)

Lead Magnet is a piece of value that solves a specific problem, which you offered in exchange for their contact information.

It can be a free pdf report, cheat sheet, checklist, or a training series.

The keyword is – Irresistible.

To create a high converting landing page, you may utilise a landing page builder called Instapage.

If budget allowed, I’ll recommend you to go for ClickFunnels, which is a combination of landing page and funnel builder.

More advanced, more powerful.

But for beginners, Instapage have all your needs.

Anyway, since both come with free trial, why not just try both and decide later? Better right?

Option 1: How to create a landing page with Instapage

Step 1: Click here to create your free account

start your free trial


Step 2: Complete the simple sign up process

1.Sign up Instapage

Fill up your details or sign up with your existing Google account.

You may put any name under “Company” on the next page and click “FINISH” to complete.

Step 3: Choose a template to get started

There have over 100+ landing page templates to choose from.

So, we are going to pick one and modify from there.

When searching, you may use the preview function to see how it looks in Desktop and Mobile.

Again, you don’t need a perfect one to get started.

To create a landing page, click one of the templates to start.

4. Choose template

Name your page and click “continue”.


Click your page to edit.

Step 4: Write your headline according to your campaign worksheet in the earlier exercise.


Edit the descriptions and delete all the unnecessary elements at the bottom.

8.edit mobile

Click “Mobile” at the top-left and adjust your landing page accordingly for mobile view.

One done, click “Publish” and choose “Demo Page”.

Take note! It’s not recommend to publish to demo page, I’ll explain why and what is the solution in a moment.

Name your landing page and click “Publish”.

11.Opps name taken

Opss.. The URL address has already been taken. This is one of the reason why I don’t recommend to publish to the demo page, because the domain “.pagedemo.co” is using by tons of other Instapage users.

12.new name for landing page

To avoid that, I rename it with a random number “327”.

13.Click the url to test

Once published, click the URL link to see your landing page in action.

Step 5: Setup the thank you page

15.Duplicate your landing page

Back to your dashboard, click the “triple dot” icon and select “Duplicate”.

After that, click the “triple dot” icon on the duplicated page to rename it to “Thank You”.

Click the “Thank You” page to edit.

17.thank you page

Edit the descriptions and add a button.

17.add button

Tips: To add a button, just click “Add New” on the top and select “Button”.

Next, click the button and go for the chain icon for “Click event”.

Set your URL destination

Select “Outside URL” to redirect the user who clicked the button to an external link.

20. Enter your affiliate link

Enter your product affiliate link and click “Done”. This will send whoever clicked the button to the product page via your affiliate link.

Then, publish the “Thank You” page as demo page. (Same as the landing page)

24.Click the URL

Click the URL link to check your “Thank You” page and test out the button to make sure it works.

Next, we want to publish the landing page we’ve created to our own domain and hosting.

You may ask:

Why don’t just publish it to the Instapage server with their domain name?

Two reasons:

First, for the domain name, do you want when people landed your website and saw a generic URL under Instapage domain (pagedemo.co) which used by many other Instapage users?

Do you want your business represented by Instapage? No right?

Yourdomain.com/weightloss or weightloss327.pagedemo.co?

Which one looks better, unique and trustworthy?

Second, for the hosting, do you want your business under control by Instapage?

If your website is hosted on Instapage, when anything happens to them (like server down, maintenance, and slow loading speed), it will directly affect your website as well.

Simply put, you want full control of your business whenever possible.

How To Publish Landing Page Created In Instapage To Your Own Domain And Hosting

Step 1: Login to Hostgator cPanel

1. Login hostgator

Login to your cPanel according to the details from Hostgator’s email. If you yet to create any password, just click “Forgot Password” to set your new password.

Step 2: Add domain name

2. Add on domain

Navigate to “DOMAINS” and click “Addon Domains”.

3.Create domain

Enter the domain name you bought from NameCheap into the box under “New Domain Name” and click “Add Domain”.

Step 3: Install WordPress

4.Create wordpress site

Next, create your WordPress Website.

5.Select your domain

Select the domain you added just now and click “Next”.

6.Fill in details and install

Fill in your website details and click “Install Now”.

7.Installation details

Done. Copy or write down the Installation Details.

Step 4: Login to your WordPress website

Login to WordPress

Enter your username and password to log in.

The login URL is either http://yourdomain.com/wp-login.php or http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-login.php.

Step 5: Install the Instapage WordPress plugin

Add instapage plugin

Go to “Plugins” on the left and click “Add New”.

Note: The plugin is the software & tool for your website.

Search “instapage” and click “Install Now”.

Add instapage plugin 2

Click “Activate” once installed.

Step 6: Link to your Instapage Account

Login instapage plugin

Click “Instapage” at the left sidebar and go to “Settings”. Enter your Instapage details and click “Login”.

connect to wordpress

Next, tick “ALL” checkbox and click “Connect To WordPress” to link your Instapage account with your WordPress site.

Step 7: Republish the landing pages in Instapage

8.Go back to Instapage

Go back to Instapage, click the “triple dot” icon and select “Unpublish” for both landing pages.

9.Click the landing page

Click the landing page you want to republish.

11.Publish to wordpress

Hit “Publish” and select WordPress.

12.Publish to WordPress

Click “Push Page to WordPress” and repeat the steps for “Thank You” page.

Step 8: Set up the landing pages in WordPress.

13.Setup your page in WordPress

Go back to your Instapage dashboard in WordPress.

Under “Add page”, select your landing page and name the URL, and then click “Publish” to finish the setup.

14. Done setup

Boom! The landing page is now under the extension of your domain name.

Repeat the steps for “Thank You” page.

Almost complete!

Next, you need to link Instapage to the autoresponder, so that when people opt-in to the form on your landing page, the contact information will be stream to the autoresponder’s database.


How To Integrate Getreponse to Instapage.

Step 1: Create a new campaign in Getresponse

Create GR Campaign

On the top right corner, click the white box and select “Create campaign”

Enter campaign name

Give your campaign a name and click “Create campaign”

Edit campaign setting

Next, click “Edit Campaign Settings”.

Select “Permission” tab on the left, and uncheck all the boxes for now.

Step 2: Create a webform

1.Create webform

Select “Forms” and click “Create Form”.

2.Select template

Select “List Builder Wizard” and use the “Blank” template.

3.Edit the form

Delete the “Name” box and click “Setting”.

Note: If your landing page collects both name and email, then keep the “Name” box.

4.Edit setting

Name your form and select your campaign. Then, set the thank-you page setting to “Custom” and enter your thank you page URL. Do the same for “Already subscribed URL” and click “Save”.

5.save and publish

Click “Save & Publish” to publish the form.

Step 3: Integrate with Instapage using API

Go to “My account” and select “Integrations”.

7.copy API code from Getresponse

Select “API & OAuth” and copy the API code.

8.Back to your form

Go back to your Instapage and click your landing page.

Double click the form and select “Integrations”.

Choose getresponse

Choose “GetResponse”.

Paste the API code from Getresponse and click “Login”.

Click “continue”.

Make sure your campaign is selected and continue.

Set the field to “Email” and click “Finish”.

Note: This will link the email address form in your Instapage to the webform in Getresponse.

Double click the form again and select “Redirect”.

Set the redirect page to “Thank You” page.

Click “Done”, then “Publish Changes” and select “Yes” to update the landing page.

Now your Instapage is fully integrated with Getresponse.

Let’s setup an automated email follow up so that when a person subscribed to your list, he will receive a welcome email from you immediately.

How to set up autoresponder with Getresponse

Move your cursor to “Messages” and choose “Create Autoresponder” from the drop-down menu.

Make sure your correct campaign name is selected.

Click “Create new email” to write your first automated email.

Fill up the details and click “Next step”.

Click “Start from scratch” and choose “Blank template”.

Double click the “Text block” and write your welcome email into the block. Then, highlight the text to be hyperlinked and click the chain icon.

Enter your affiliate URL link into the “URL” field and click “OK”. Then, click “Next step” to proceed.

Lastly, click “Save and publish”.


Need more follow-up emails? Just click on the day and write.

Here’s what Getresponse do for you:

  1. A person visit your landing page and enter his name & email address into the form,
  2. The person being directed to Thank You page,
  3. At the same time, his contact information is stored into Getresponse’s database,
  4. Then, he receive a welcome email from you via Getresponse’s autoresponder

Option 2: How to sign up with ClickFunnels (Credit card required upfront)

Step 1: Create your free trial here

Click “Free Trial” at the top right corner.

Next, click “Start FREE Trial Now!”.

Step 2: Complete the details and sign up

Please take note that your credit card will only be charged after 14 days and you can cancel at any time.

Next, since the steps to create a landing page are identical to Instapage, you may just refer to the previous example and apply to the ClickFunnels.

Here’re the remaining steps:

Step 3: Login to your account and choose a template

Step 4: Write your headline and description according to your campaign worksheet

Step 5: Build your thank you page

Step 6: Integrate with Getresponse (similar steps)

Step 7: Publish to your own domain and hosting with Clickfunnels WordPress plugin (similar steps)

The thing I like about Clickfunnels is their simple and easy-to-use drag and drop feature in building up a complete funnel.

More important, you can view the whole business structure at a glance.


The Process Flow of Your Online Marketing Business

At this stage, the business process flow would be:

Affiliate Marketing Business Structure

You send a stream of visitors (traffic) to your landing page (created using Instapage) after they enter their details (keep with Getresponse), you direct them to your thank you page (To be track), and finally to your offer (from Clickbank etc). If they buy, you get the commission.

This simple framework works.

With a high-quality product to offer, you may expect some sales upon sending targeted traffic to your landing page.

But you may ask: Is there a better way or more advanced strategy?

Good question.

Well, the answer is yes.

It requires more effort and time, but yield a much better result.

The question is, will you do that?

If yes, here’s the more strategic way:

Affiliate Marketing Business Structure (Advanced)

The only different is the extra layer of Pre-Framing.

I’ll explain why you need that.

Pre-framing is a process of pre-selling your prospect before they’re presented the actual offer.

It can be a story, review, guide, or webinar.

You can talk about how to use the product, how the product benefits them or solve their problem.

The process can take anywhere from few minutes to few days. (Yes, few days.)

The main goal is to boost their buying emotion by giving value before they reach the product sales page.

By putting some extra works, you’re able to:

  1. Build trust with your list (By providing value)
  2. Increase your conversion rate (The power of pre-selling)
  3. Stand out from the crowd (By doing something different from the rest marketers)

All you need to do is send traffic to the starting point of your marketing funnel (landing page).

Then, the funnel itself will take care of the prospects for you, through a series of action. – Providing value, building relationship and pre-selling.

This is why building automated funnels are so important for your business in long term.

You may build it from scratch, using longer time, or leverage on the funnel builder such as ClickFunnels for easy drag and drop.

In fact,

The pre-framing process is part of the advanced lead conversion strategies.

It’s a big topic by itself.

For now, just keep this idea in your mind.

Practical assignment for success:

  1. Pick a domain name from NameCheap
  2. Sign up for Hostgator account
  3. Familiar yourself with Getresponse. – You’re going to use it often in the future.
  4. Build at least 2 landing pages using Instapage or ClickFunnels.
  5. Test it by enter your email address to the opt-in box and check your mailbox for the welcome email.

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Day 3 – Fueling Up: Start To Make Money Online

Step #4: Traffic : Send Visitors To Your Website


Who doesn’t want a stream of highly targeted visitors to your website?

It’s like a dream!

No matter how good a product is or how well a landing page can convert, but without traffic to your website, equal nothing.

No sales will happen.

In short, no traffic no sales.

How to make money online fast without traffic to your website? It’s impossible, right?

Luckily, driving traffic is easy – It is!

But bear in mind, not all traffic are equal.

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic: For Affiliate Marketing

There are two major types of traffic: Free and Paid.

Which is better?

Or, which one should you choose?

As brief comparison,

Free Traffic cost you time, slower, and not scalable.

Paid Traffic cost you money, faster, and scalable.


If you’re tight on budget, go for free traffic.

Otherwise, paid traffic.

Or, why not try both?

Top 5 Easy Methods to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website

If you’re thinking how to drive quality free traffic to your website, I’ve 5 ideas for you. (In no particular order)

  1. Forum posting
  2. Q & A website posting
  3. Blog commenting
  4. Online Discussion Group posting
  5. Online Presentation sharing

All these strategies are absolutely free and simple to implement.

1. Forum posting

The forum is an online discussion site where a group of people discuss certain topic within a specific niche.

It could be a question, a promotion, or a thread with information.

Think about this,

Who is going to visit a forum related to weight loss?

Must they be either interest in weight loss topic or have questions about lose weight right?

So, if your product is about solving a specific health problem,

Are they your potential customer?


For forum posting,

The main strategy behind is to provide massive value upfront to the forum community,

Then, get them to check out your site (landing page) via direct or signature link.

How to search for forum in your niche

Step 1: google it.

Go to google and type in the keyword “your niche” + “forum”.

For example, “weight loss forum”, “internet marketing forum”, “personal development forum”, and etc.

Step 2: Check and compile.

Scan through each site to check out the contents.

Once you found a great one, write it down on a spreadsheet for further checking.

Another way is to go to Findaforum.

Click “Categories”.

Choose the categories you want, for example, “Dieting and Weight Loss”.

Read the forum details and visit the forum for further inspection.

If the latest post or comment in the forum is since a month ago, skip it. (The forum is not active.)

If not, check for the website monthly traffic using SimilarWeb.

Enter the website URL to the search bar and click “Start”.

Any forum site with monthly visits above 30k is worth consider.

How to drive traffic with forum posting and signature

I’ll use “https://weight-loss.fitness.com” forum for example, but the process is similar for all the forums.

Step 1: Register an account

Fill up your account details and click “Sign up”.

Confirm your email address to complete the registration.

Step 2: Write your signature with embedded link

Go to account details and click “Signature” to edit.

Most of the forums are using BB code, so to make your signature clickable, just add a BB code prefix.

If my signature is “Learn How To Lose Weight In Just 30 Days – Step By Step Guide”, then in BB code format would be:

“[url=http://www.mydomainname.com]Learn How To Lose Weight In Just 30 Days – Step By Step Guide[/url]”

*Remember to read the signature rule first.

Step 3: Join a discussion or post a new topic

Go to the subforum that is related to your offer.

Join the discussion by answer their questions, solve their problems, and give your valuable opinions.

2. Q & A website posting

Compared to forum,

Q & A website is mostly for asking questions and answering other’s question.

There’re some popular Q & A website with a high volume of visitors every month.

One of them called Quora.

With over 300M average monthly visitors, as per similarweb. You may expect a significant amount of free traffic to your website through high-quality contents.

How to drive free traffic from Quora

Step 1: Sign up for Quora account

You can sign up with your existing Google or Facebook account or with a brand new email.

Step 2: Search for the topic in your niches

For instance, you type in “how to lose weight fast” and search for the relevant topic.

Now you have a tremendous amount of topic to tap into for free traffic.

Step 3: Answer the question with link to your landing page (when appropriate)

Click into a topic and click “Answer” to start writing. In between, embed a link to your landing page whenever appropriate.

To summarize, here’re the 3 simple steps:

  1. Find question (to answer)
  2. Provide value (to people)
  3. Receive free traffic (from your goodwill)

3. Blog commenting

No matter what niche you’re in, there’ll be bloggers around.

Those bloggers attract hundreds or more visitors to their blog daily.

By putting your comment on their blog ( a great one), you can direct some of their traffic to your website at no cost.

How to tap into other bloggers traffic

Step 1: Go to google and type “Your niche” + “blog”

For example: “weight loss blog”, “internet marketing blog”, “personal development blog”, and etc.

See that? Those listing post like “Top 100…Bloggers” and “100 Most…Bloggers” will provide you with another 100+ blogs to check out.

Use a spreadsheet to record down if needed.

Step 2: Check out the blog content’s quality & if allows for comment.

If the contents are low quality, most of the visitors will not finish the post and exit before they see your comment at the bottom. So don’t waste your time on those.

If no comment box, skip it as you can’t drive any traffic to your website.

Step 3: Post your valuable comment

Make sure you’ve read through the post and understand what they’re talking about in the post.

Then, express your sincere opinion and give a compliment if appropriate.

In your comment, slot in your website link in a non-promotional approach.

4. Online Discussion Group posting

While I am writing this, 2 groups popped-up in my mind.

Facebook Group and Yahoo Group.

Each with millions of groups for different niches.

Of course, there are much more on the net, but these 2 are among the top.

When I say ‘top’, it refers to the amount of potential traffic we can get from them.

That’s our main goal, right?

The steps are pretty simple:

  1. Search for the relevant groups
  2. Request to join the group
  3. Engage with the group members.

Again, don’t join for the sack of spamming your website link!

You may get some quick traffic by doing that way, but that’s not going to work for long term.

You are wasting your time.

The keyword here is ‘Engage’,

It means you involve in group’s discussion, provide value and build trust among the group members while referring them to your website.

How to drive free traffic from Facebook Group

Step 1:  Login to your Facebook account and search for the relevant groups

Search for the keywords in your niche.

Step 2: Request to join

Click “Groups” and scan through the descriptions to check if relevant.

Send your join request and wait for the approval.

Mind you, it’s not wise to join too many groups at once, as you may get a warning or suspend from Facebook. Few groups per day should be safe.

Step 3: Engage & drive traffic

Once joined, engage with the group members and provide value to the community while driving free traffic to your site.

How to drive free traffic from Yahoo

Step 1: Go to Yahoo Group and search for the relevant group

Enter your keywords and click “Search Groups”

Speedily filter the groups with number of members and last activity.

Step 2: Join the group to find out more.

Sign in with your Yahoo account. Create one if yet to have.

Review the past topics.

If there’s no engagements between group members or the conversations are full of junks, leave the group.

If not, engage with the group members by reply to their topic or start your New Topic to deliver value.

Main challenges?

Majority of Yahoo Group are either formed or occupied by spammers with junk topics, which make the digging process strenuous.

But this can’t conceal the traffic potential of Yahoo Groups. As a tip for you, a Private Group is usually much better than a Public Group, due to less possibility to spam.

As rule of thumb, never write down your website link without providing value to the community upfront.

If you ask me: “Is this strategy really works?”

Well, let me tell you, honestly.

My first online sales came from the Facebook group! =)


5. Online Presentation sharing

One of the top performers in this field is called Slideshare. – A slide hosting website with gigantic audiences.

If you’ve the ability to create beautiful slides with great contents (which you probably did a lot in school time), It’s not surprising to generates hundreds of thousands of views in a month time.

Again, for FREE.  ß You like this don’t you?

How to sign up and upload your presentation slide to Slideshare

Step 1: Sign up for Slideshare account (Or log in using your Facebook or Linkedin account)

Click “Login” if you want to login with your Facebook or Linkedin account, otherwise click “Signup”.

Step 2: Upload your slide

After login, click “Upload” at the top-right corner.

Click “Select files to upload”, select your file and click “Open” to upload to Slideshare.

Step 3: Write your finest descriptio

Write your description and click “Publish”. Make sure the discoverability score is full bar for better exposure.

If you don’t have Microsoft office to create PowerPoint, PDF or Word document, some of the best alternatives are Open Office, WPS Office and LibreOffice.

Do I have to mention they’re free to use?

Some tips for you:

  • Write a powerful description to attract the audience and improve discoverability.
  • Stuff in your website link in both presentation slide and description.
  • Don’t stop on one presentation, create more presentations for more exposure.
  • Make it beautiful, simple, and great!

More Free Traffic

If you’re good in video or want to give it a try, go for YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine on the internet.

Can you imagine the potential traffic?

The steps to post a video on Youtube is simple:

Step 1: Make a video with your camera/smartphone or laptop’s screen recording with Camtasia

Step 2: Login to Youtube’s Video Manager with your Google account

Step 3: Upload the video.

Step 4: Write great description

Question! Do I need to show my face in the video?

Well, it’s totally up to you.

Personally, I don’t see any difference in term of views whether you show your face or not.

The content of the video is far more important.

Last but not least.

Don’t forget the most lucrative free traffic source which brings in targeted visitors – organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Compared to above free traffic sources, this will take some time to optimize your site for SEO to rank in search engines…

…But the long term result is definitely worth it.

Top 5 Methods to Drive Paid Traffic to Your Website

Now, let’s talk about paid traffic.

Compared to free traffic, paid traffic have greater agility and scalability.

If you would like to open the floodgates of targeted visitors in swift, paid traffic is your way to go.

Here’re my top 5 picks in driving paid traffic:

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Google Ads
  3. Email Ads
  4. YahooBing Ads
  5. Media Buying Ads

1. Facebook Ads

I don’t think I need to persuade you on how superior Facebook is in generates traffic to your website.

To show you some data, Facebook has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2016, according to Wiki.

What does it mean to you?

More than 1.86 billion Facebook user to target on?

Yes. You’re right.

And the good things doesn’t end here, with Facebook Ads Manager, your campaign can be executed in few simple steps. Even if you’re a newbie.

Moreover, Facebook’s advanced targeting system will allow you to laser target your potential customers in few settings. Wow.

How to drive traffic with Facebook Ads (Credit card is required)

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is required to run Facebook ads.

Log in to your Facebook account and select “Create Page” from the drop-down menu.

Pick a category, enter your page name and click “Get Started”.

Upload your page’s profile picture and add a cover.

Step 2: Create your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Click “Create Ads” in the drop-down menu.

Select your marketing objective, such as “Traffic”.

Name your campaign and click “Create Ad Account”. Then, set your account details and continue.

Step 3: Configure your Facebook Ad targeting

Select your target locations. A Facebook user who outside your target locations will never see your ads.

Limit your audience with age, gender, languages and interests.

Set your daily budget (start small) and click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 4: Configure your Facebook Ads

Select “Single Image” and upload your photo or using Facebook Stock Images.

Fill in your Ad details and click “Place Order”.

Complete your payment method and wait for the approval.

Important Note:

Before you start any campaign, do read through Facebook’s advertising policies to avoid a permanent ban on your ads account.

2. Google Ads

Google AdWords is the leading advertising platform in PPC (Pay-Per-Click), DNA (Display Network Advertising), and Remarketing.

It’s one of the most popular PPC solution providers with a huge volume of traffic.

With Google PPC, a pull marketing, you’ll be getting a flood of highly targeted visitors to your site.

Why I said ‘highly targeted’?

Because the visitor went to Google, type in a certain keyword related to your products, and click on your ads to reach your site.

In this process, they are prequalify themselves as someone who interested in your products.


If you’re wondering how Google PPC Ads look like, here is it:

Next, with Google Display Network, a leader in Display Network Advertising,

Do you know that your ads can appear on some of the top sites like Forbes, Fox News and Youtube which are part of the GDN?

According to Google, they have over 2 million Display Network sites that reach over 90% of internet users worldwide.

Compared to Google PPC, GDN is a push marketing which allows you to reach a huge amount of audiences in no time.

Google remarketing is part of the GDN, which allows you to show ads to people who’ve visited your website, for everywhere they go.

Think about this,

Did you ever went to a website, and after you left the site, you’re seeing their ads everywhere you go?

That’s remarketing!

It helps you to reconnect with your prospects in a fraction of the cost.

If you want to know learn about Google Remarketing, continue your study here.

How to drive traffic with Google PPC (Credit card required)

Step 1: Sign up Google AdWords

Enter your account details and click “Save and continue”.

Sign in with your existing Google account.

Click “Create your first campaign” to start.

Step 2: Configure your AdWords campaign settings

Name your campaign and set the type to “Search Network only”, unless you have more budget to spend on the display network.

If you want to drive traffic with GDN, select “Display Network” instead.

Set your target locations and languages.

Set your budget and click “Save and continue”.

Step 3: Configure your Ads copy

Enter your ad group name and keywords. For the keyword match type, please refer to here.

Fill in your ads details and click “Create Ads”.

Do your last review and click “Save and finish”.

Step 4: Enter your payment details to run your ads.

Click “Fix it” to enter your billing information.

Fill up your basic details and submit your payment method.


Before you start any Google PPC campaign,

You may use their free yet powerful tool called Keyword Planner to analyse the keywords

While for GDN, there’s a tool called Display Planner.

Important Note:

Before you start any campaign, do read the Google’s advertising policies to avoid account ban.

3. Email Ads

After more than a half-century, email marketing is still effective and growing strong. I believe most of the internet user have an email address, if not all.

With email marketing, your ads can reach to thousands of audience in seconds.

Email Ads is an email newsletter sent to a list of subscribers to promote a product or service.

Simply put, you contact a person with a list of subscribers relevant to your offer,

And ask the person to send your offer to his/her list, with an agreed fees.

Meaning, you’re able to tap into other people’s list to promote your offer.

That’s the power of leveraging.

How to search for email ads seller

Step 1: Go to Google and type in “Your niche” + “Newsletter”/”Blog”

Step 2: Check the websites’ content

If the website is equipped with quality contents and relevant to your product, contact the website’s owner to ask is they offering email advertising service by fill up the webform or email them.

Step 3: Contact the website’s owner and enquire for more information

If you found one, don’t rush for order. Instead, enquire more information before you make any decision.

Some of the questions you may ask are:

  1. How big is your list?
  2. What is the average open rate of your newsletters?
  3. Are your newsletters embedded with a link to any website? If yes what is the average click through rate?
  4. May I know the pricing of your service?

The reason to ask these questions is to estimate how many visitors you’re able to generate from one single newsletter ads.

Here’s the formula:

Estimated visitors = List size x Average open rate x Average CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

For example, if the seller has a list of 10k subscribers with 20% average open rate and CTR.

Estimate visitors = 10,000 x 20% x 20%

= 400 clicks to your website

Then, use this data to gauge your adverting fees.

I don’t recommend to go beyond a dollar a click.

Step 4: Final check & close the deal

Lastly, send your product link to the website’s owner for them to check if acceptable.

If they okay with the product,

You may now pay for the agreed advertising fees and send over your product tracking link. (To track the total clicks and conversion on your side)

Not sure how to track your product link?

No worry, I will touch on it in a short while.

Let’s move on.

4. Bing Ads

Like Google AdWords, Bing Ads is a PPC advertising service provider on both Bing and Yahoo! search engine. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bing_Ads)

One thing I like about Bing Ads is the lower advertising cost compared to Google AdWords.

While the traffic volume and quality may not be on par with Google,

The lower cost per click provides you with a great opportunity to test your ads copy with lower risk.

How to run PPC campaign with Bing Ads (Credit card is required)

The steps are identical to Google AdWords:

Step 1: Sign up Bing Ads here

Step 2: Configure your Bing Ads campaign settings

Step 3: Configure your Ads copy

Step 4: Enter your payment details to run your ads.

For details, please refer to the earlier part in “How to drive traffic with Google PPC”.

Important Note:

Before you start any campaign, do read the advertising policies to avoid account ban.

5. Media Buying Ads

Next, let’s talk about media buying.

Through media buy, you may place your advertisement (banner ads) on another website,

With a fixed cost or variable cost based on impression.

You may either contact the website’s owner directly for advertising space,

Or through ad network to save your precious time.

If you want the direct way, here’re the simple steps:

  1. Go to google and search for the blog & website in your niche
  2. Scan through their blog or website to check for banner ads space
  3. Contact them to inquire for pricing
  4. If you okay with the price, send over your banners and pay for the agreed fees.

Alternatively, you may go for Ad Network. (Also known as ads broker)

The good about Ad Network is you can place your ads across multiple websites with their platform,

Which allows you to spread out your budget on a different website.

Aside from those advertising giants like Facebook, Google, and Bing,

There’re still many ads serving network worth our attention.

To mention a few, there are SiteScout.com, Advertise.com, and BuySellAds.com.

How to buy media ads with Sitescout.com (Credit card or Paypal is required)

Step 1: Sign up as Advertiser

Fill up your details to create your ads account.

Step 2: Login to your account and create campaign

Click “New Brand” and enter your website. (Or whatever name you like)

Next, click “New Group” to create a group for your campaign.

Select “My Ads” and click “New” to upload your ads image.

Select your image file and enter your destination URL (your landing page).

Go back to your Group and click “View Campaigns” from the group setting.

Create new audience campaign

Select “New Campaign” -> “Desktop” -> “Audience Campaign”. It allows you to target specific users who match a set of characteristics or interests.

Fill up basic settings and click “Next Step”.

Choose your target languages and continue.

Search for your topic keyword, select the interest you want to target and click “Target”.

Here’s the interesting part.

A company like BlueKai is a data management platform which collects user data such as behaviour and interest. By leverage on their data, you can target those who are interested in certain topics such as “Weight Loss” and “Dieting”.

Keep the default setting “Run on All Exchanges” and continue.

Link your campaign to your ads and click “Save All”.

Now your ads is online and running.

But, the traffic will only start after you fund the account.

Step 3: Fund your account ($500 of initial deposit is required)

Click “Add Fund” to add your payment method.

It seems that both free and paid traffic are great, so what’s your pick?

Well, I’ll recommend you to try both to experience yourself.

There’s one famous quote in investment: “Never put all your eggs in one basket”

Same apply to affiliate marketing: “Never depends on one traffic source”

Yes! Never ever depends on one single traffic source for your business.

Need more traffic ideas? Read: 300 ways to increase website traffic (free & paid).

Practical assignment for success:

  1. Pick at least one free traffic source and start sending the visitor to your landing page.
  2. Pick at least one paid traffic source and start sending the visitor to your landing page. Start small.


Step #5: Optimization : Split-Test To Find The Winner

Now you’ve picked a product to promote.

Now you’ve setup a landing page or funnel linked to your autoresponder.

Now you’re driving traffic to your landing page.

Now you’re building your future asset – list.

Now you probably have some sales.

The End?

If not, what next?

For every business, there is a process called optimization.

To improve conversion.

To reduce cost.

You may optimize your landing page, advertisement, traffic and funnel through split testing.

For examples:

You split test 2 to 3 different landing pages to determine the winner with highest opt-in conversion rate.

You split test 2 to 7 marketing campaigns to figure out the best advertisement with the lowest lead per cost.

You split test 2 to 3 traffic sources to shortlist the one with the highest quality of traffic.

You split test your entire funnel to find out where to improve for highest sales conversion.

Let’s do some simple calculation:

Assumed that your landing page is converting at 20%. Means out of 100 visitors, 20 will opt-in to your list.

100 x 20% = 20 subscribers.

If your goal is 40 subscribers, what will you do?

Send 200 visitors? 200 x 20% = 40 subscribers.


Improve your conversion rate to 40%? 100 x 40% = 40 subscribers.

Which looks better?

The second one. By all means.

As there’re only few core elements contribute to the conversion,

By optimize those, you will get better results.

For instance, your landing page headline, call to action, layout, and design.

But how to practically do that?

It seems complicated to execute.

Honestly, not at all.

How to Split Test Your Landing Page

Again, thanks to technology, we have a tracking tool called ClickMagick.

It allows you to track all your traffic (clicks) and conversion for optimization.

And, it also comes with a function called Split Test, which distributes your traffic based on a certain pattern. – To let you find the winner

Let me illustrates:

You want to split test two landing page: LM1 and LM2

You send 10 visitors to a tracking link from ClickMagick.

The tracker will then distributes your traffic equally to LM1 and LM2.

You may even split test 3 or more landing pages at the same times.

And once you found a winner, done?

Yes, only if you are satisfied with the result.

But I’ll recommend you to keep optimize to surpass your previous winner.

It’s fun like playing a game.

Setup Your Optimization Partner For Split Test – ClickMagick

Step 1: Get your 14 days free trial here

Click the button to start your free trial.

Select the plan you preferred and fill up your details to create your free trial account.

Note: Your credit card will only be charged the subscription fee if you didn’t cancel your account within 14 days.

Ta-da! Here you can see your stats like total clicks, conversions, and revenue at a glance.

Step 2: Add URL links for split-test

Go to “Links” and click “Create New Link”.

Fill up your link details and set your Primary URL (your first landing page URL).

Click the dropdown menu to the far right of this tracking link, and select the “Split Testing” option.

Next, enter one or more URLs you want to test with their respective percentage of traffic to be received. To split-test equally among 2 landing pages, set it to 50% and click “Add URL”.

With this setup, all the traffics send to the tracking link (www.clkmg.com/…/loseweight) will be split equally to www.mydomain.com/loseweight1 and www.mydomain.com/loseweight2.

But we’re not done yet. We still need to add the ClickMagick tracking pixel to the appropriate “Thank You” page to track for conversion.

How does it work?

Let me describes:

A person clicked your tracking link and reached your landing page 1. Then, he opted-in to your list and was directed to your thank you page. The tracking pixel in your thank you page fired and ClickMagick recorded it as one conversion for landing page 1.

Got it?

Let’s put it in action.

Step 3: Install pixel code to the thank you page.

Go to setting again and choose “Track Conversions”.

Scroll down and copy the pixel code under “Action Tracking Pixel”.


Go to your Instapage and select “Thank You” page.

Click “Add New” and select “HTML” from the options.

Click “Edit” to paste the pixel code from ClickMagick and click “Done”.

Click “Publish Changes” and select “Yes” to update your thank you page. Because it’s HTML code, so it will run in the background and won’t appear on your thank you page.

You’re all set and ready to roll!

Practical assignment for success:

  1. Split test at least 3 different version of the landing page using ClickMagick.
  2. Track the conversion rate from at least 2 different traffic sources.

What next??

Repeat step #5 or start over from step #1 for a new product.

The idea is to get yourself familiar with the whole process.

The steps are simple, but you’ve to take action to make it works.

This is exactly how to make money online fast.

Of course, we can’t cover everything in a single post – It will be too much.

You may check out here for more ways to make money online.


Something Additional For You Who Love Writing

Love writing content? Why not write a high-quality product review as value-added service to your prospects?

Some people don’t buy because they don’t truly understand about the product. By knowing that, you can write a high-quality product review or tutorial on how to use the product.

Give them an idea on how your product benefits them in their life or business.


Need to set up a blog to write content? Well, you already have one.

How To Write Content On Your Blog

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website.

Login to WordPress

Normally, the login URL is http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ or http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/, in case you forgot.

Step 2: Create a post

Go to “Posts” and click “Add New”.

Step 3: Write content

You may write a review, tutorial and guide for your product.

Step 4: Publish your hard work

Click “Publish” on the top-right corner once you’re done.

Now you officially have a website, not just some landing page. To make your website more complete, feel free to go ahead and write your “Contact me”, “About Me”, “Privacy Policy”, “Disclaimer”, and etc.

If you’re truly enjoying the process of writing, do consider moving to Farmer role as the long term reward is magnificent.

People come to your website, gain value from your contents, and buy the products you recommend them. Sounds great isn’t?



To summarise, here’re the 5 simple steps to start making money online in under 72 hours:

  1. Product hunting
  2. Blueprint planning
  3. Tools setup
  4. Traffic
  5. Optimization

Again, there’s nothing complicated here, just anchor this one line of formula in your mind,

“Quality Product + Targeted Traffic + True Marketing = Profitable Business”

And start your engine now!

On A Personal Note:

Still hemming and hawing to take action?

What’re you waiting for? Not sure whether this work for you?

One thing I’m sure is, if you don’t take any action now, after 2 years you’ll still be where you are today, struggling and envy on others people success.

Still reluctant to move on? Watch this 6 minutes video.

The number one reason why most people failed is not about how hard it is to success, but because most people give up before they even try. They rather stay in comfort zone for their whole short life in the world, the question is, is that you?


You have nothing to lose.

I want to see your success story.




Will you?

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